BSL threatening unchartered territories

When the fall legislative session rolls around this year, there may be potential state level threats with respect to breed specific legislation.


Several municipalites are urging state legislators to allow cities to regulate specific breeds. Currently, breed specific legislation is prohibited by Texas state law. Some cities have already passed resolutions to introuduce BSL on a state level. As far as I know, nothing has been formally introduced, but its something we need to keep our eye on.



Pennsylvania House Bill 2553 would eliminate the clause in Pennsylvania’ s current law which prohibits breed specific legislation.  This means that if HB2553 were passed, Pennsylvania cities would have the ability to pass BSL.  House Rep. Galloway introduced the bill too late in the last session for any action to be taken, but it is expected to hit the House floor in the fall.  Pennsylvania residents should contact their local representative to voice their concerns with respect to this bill.  Let them know that this is not legislation you would like to see passed.  UPDATE!!  Galloway added an amendment to HB2553 that would prohibit cities from banning breeds.


South Carolina

Similar to the Pennsylvania bill, South Carolina House Bill 5010 would remove the language the prohibits the passage of breed specific legislation.  The bill was introduced in April 2007, but made no movement.  Unfortunately, it is not listed as a dead bill, so this is another we want to watch in the fall.     



During an interview with the Hazel Park city attorney, Arnold Shifman, regarding their proposed pit bull ban, Mr. Shifman referred to “pit bulls” as a state issue.  He advised that the city has called on state legislators to follow Hazel Park’s lead to implement breed specific legislation.   This is only a heads up – nothing has been proposed at this time.


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