Cool newz

I have some very cool news… or maybe I should say very HOT news! 

My very good friends, Benita and Molly, founders of Greener Groundz gourmet coffee roasters (, have introduced a new flavor.  Drum roll pleeease…!! 

Tiffin’s Tiramasu – named, of course, after my very first rescued bully, Tiffin.  For anyone who doesn’t know, Tiffin is the inspiration behind Bless the Bullys, as well as all my efforts in the fight against breed specific legislation.

ANYWAY… Tiffin’s Tiramasu is a smooth, rich and delicious medium roast.  I’ve been waking up to it these last few days, and I think its fantastic!  From the Greener Groundz website:

Tiffin’s Tiramisu is a medium roast grown in Guatemala. It is flavored with organic Tiramisu flavoring oil. Just like the translation for Tiramisu, which is “carry me up” or “pick me up,” Tiffin and the coffee named for him are both abundant with joy and will make you endlessly happy!

Greener Groundz has a variety of interesting and delicious blends of coffee and tea, and each and every one is named after one of their precious pets (or the pets of friends). Benita and Molly are not only very animal oriented, but they are very rescue oriented, as well. Benita has been a wonderful friend and supporter of me and the bullys for quite a while now.

I know many of you are always on the look-out for bully friendly businesses, and this is one that you definitely need to add to your list. Check out their website and their wonderful coffee for yourself! Visit them at


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