BSL Issues needing our attention

There are currently a lot of issues that need our continued attention. In an effort to not let any of them “fall of our radar,” below is a listing of cities currently considering breed specific legislation, along with contact information for city officials.

Please send your POLITE AND RESPECTFUL opposition to BSL, as well as educational materials and viable alternatives to breed specific laws. I cannot stress enough how very important it is to maintain respectful and polite communications with city officials!!

Jackson, Mississippi
A proposed ordinance to amend Article IV, Section 18-101 (dangerous and potentially dangerous dogs) is currently pending before the Planning Committee. According to the council agenda, the ordinance would “ban breeds of dogs from the City of Jackson,” as well as limit the number of dogs per household.

Jeff Weill

Leslie McLemore

Frank Bluntson

Charles Tillman

Marshand Crisler

City Clerk Gail Green
219 South President Street
Post Office Box 17
Jackson, Mississippi 39205-0017
Phone (601) 960-1035
FAX (601) 960-1032


Molalla, Oregon
In response to a Christmas day “pit bull” attack, Molalla Mayor John Atkins is considering whether the city should adopt a pit bull ordinance or, in the alternative, adopt a generic ordinance related to dangerous animals. Please encourage the city officials to pursue an ordinance that holds irresponsible owners accountable for the actions of their dogs and does not single out specific breeds.

Molalla City Hall
117 N. Molalla Ave.
Molalla, OR 97038
City Hall: 503-829-6855

Mayor John Atkins

City Recorder
Sadie Cramer

City Council
Tom Foster

Mary Jo Mackie

Glen Boreth

Dana Jacober

Ryan Morgan

Jim Needham

Logan, Iowa
Currently considering a ban on “pit bulls.” All letters can be sent to the city clerk with a request to distribute to the mayor and city council.

City Clerk/City Hall
108 w 4th St
Logan, Iowa
FAX (712) 644-2414

Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Discussions are in the works over the possibility of requiring owners of pit bulls, and other breeds, to meet specific guidelines.

Oshkosh City Council;;;;;;

Mayor Frank Tower
ftower @

Pamela R. Ubrig/City Clerk
Angela J. Joeckel/Deputy City Clerk
215 Church Avenue
P.O. Box 1130
Oshkosh, WI 54903-1130
Phone: (920) 236-5011 · Fax: (920) 236-5039

West Point, Mississippi
A local group has proposed expanding the list of vicious breeds to include pit bulls, chows, doberman pinchers, German shepherds and any mixed crossbreed of these.

City of West Point, Mississippi
204 Commerce Street
West Point, Mississippi 39773
Fax: 494-2007

Linda Hannah
Selectman Ward 1

Marion “Bubba” Wilkerson
Selectman Ward 2

John Cummings
Selectman Ward 3

Keith McBrayer
Selectman Ward 4

Jasper Pitman
Selectman Ward 5

Randy Jones
Chief Administrative Officer & City Clerk

Rita Mattix
Deputy Clerk

H. Scott Ross

Administrative Office – 300 Broad Street, 494-1432

Fayette, Missouri
The city council will be voting on a pit bull ban on January 6, 2009.

City Administrator
Robin Overstreet

City of Fayette
City Hall
117 South Main Street
Fayette, Missouri 65248
FAX: 660/248-3502

Ridgeland, Mississippi
City council considering a ban on pit bulls. According to media reports, the city wants to resolve this issue in January 2009.

Mayor McGee
(601) 856-7113 (City Hall)

Alderman Steen
Telephone: (601) 856-3645 (Home)
(601) 856-3005, ext. 17 (Work)

Alderman Heard
Telephone: (601) 856-7727 (Home)
(601) 815-3427 (Work)
(601)-201-7392 (cell)

Alderman Gautier
Telephone: (601) 856-1291 (Home)
(601) 957-3162 (Work)
(601) 506-5913 (Cell)

Alderman Holder
Telephone: (601) 856-1950 (Home)
(601) 957-7493 (Work)

Alderman Roberts
Telephone: (601) 856-4320 (Home)
(601) 540-8443 (Cell)

Alderman Jones
Telephone: (601) 206-5416 (Home)

Alderman Davis
Telephone: (601) 856-2106 (Home)
(601) 605-0722 (Work)
(601) 672-0258 (Cell)


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