Happy New Year from Bless the Bullys!

The bullys and I wish everyone a very happy new year!

We are hopeful that 2009 will bring about more awareness to the fight against breed specific legislation, and that awareness evolves to include ALL dog owners – not just those who own breeds currently targeted by breed specific laws.

Our wishes for 2009…

That dog owners become more responsible.
Let’s face it. You can blame breed specific legislation on elected officials or on the media or on any number of things, but the truth of the matter is irresponsible dog owners are at the core of the spread of breed specific laws.

Officials become more interested in passing ordinances that truly keep their communities safe rather than knee-jerk reactions that emphasize their inability or unwillingness to hold individual irresponsible dog owners accountable for the actions of their dogs.

The media actually reporting THE NEWS rather than only being concerned about “juicy” headlines to boost their ratings or readership. That they take the time to investigate what actually happened – what led up to a dog attack – and taking those facts to educate the public in the hopes of preventing future tragedies.

That ALL dog owners overcome whatever hangups keep us from uniting and make a united stand against breed specific legislation. After all… united we stand – divided we fall.

My last wish for 2009 is that it becomes common knowledge that breed specific legislation is an ineffective and insufficient form of animal control that does not ensure community safety or reduce the number of dog bites in a community. That “dangerous dogs” cannot be identified by their appearance and can and should only be identified as such by their individual actions and behavior, and the facts that support these statements finally get the standing warranted rather than being pushed aside by dribble and opinion.

No… I really don’t foresee those things happening (at least not all in one year), but they are excellent goals to work toward – and we are certainly grateful and appreciate the efforts of all those who work toward those goals every single day.

Wishing you a happy, healthy and BSL-free 2009!
Jodi and the bullys

Harlan closing his eyes and making his 2009 wishes!


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