Welcome JoeJoe!

On January 4, 2009, I received a very distressing plea for help from a good Samaritan in Lebanon, TN. There was a fire in an abandoned home, and when she went to take a closer look, she found a pit bull who was apparently chained to the back of the house and had been burned by the fire. Even though Barbara – our good Samaritan – was a little frightened of him (she admitted that it was due to the breed reputation and not because of anything he did), and she couldn’t leave him to fend for himself. I am so very thankful that Barbara designated herself as his guardian angel.

JoeJoe (1-4-09) I took one look at his picture – into those sad eyes – and told Barbara I would pick him up the next morning.

On Monday, I took JoeJoe to my vet, and EVERYBODY in the office just fell in love with him. He had burns on the pads of his feet and inside both his ears. He also had some small burns on various places on his body. The biggest concern is that Dr. Copeland found that JoeJoe has an infection in both eyes which he thinks was caused by being so close to the heat of the fire. The poor little guy is terribly underweight and full of roundworms, but the good news is he is heartworm and lyme disease negative. Last but not least, we got those horrible nails cut. Dr. Copeland gave him antibiotic injections, and we got a bunch of medicine to take home, so hopefully he will soon be on his way to recovery!

Sad JoeJoeI am hoping to keep everyone updated on JoeJoe’s progress through the blog. So far, he has been a complete and total sweetheart. He is such a cutie-pie…I mean, you just gotta love those ears!

I wanted to thank everyone for the outpouring of concern for JoeJoe, and just ask everyone to continue to keep him in your prayers.


One response to “Welcome JoeJoe!

  1. With my Disabled Animal Rescue I can only rescue one at a time, because I am disabled too. But I wanted you to know that JoJo holds a special place in my heart because I have never seen an animal that wanted to be rescued more. The look in his face when I first saw him…it spoke volumes. Yes, I was afraid of him because of “pit reputation in the news”. But not enough to where I would leave him there.
    He was on my lap and was never food aggressive even though he was starving. I will keep reading your blogs to educate myself about this great breed. What is “wrong” with pitts is what humans have done to them. We should be ashamed that collectively we let their inhumane treatment continue by not fully prosecuting the men & women who make their living off defensless animals.
    Thanks for all you have done and kiss JoJo for me.

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