On the road to recovery

JoeJoe brings new meaning to the phrase ‘what a difference a day makes.’ In this case, its a couple of days…but my goodness, he really is a totally different dog than he was on Monday morning!!

What a face!!
Yes, he still has the physical appearance of a dog who has had a pretty rough couple of months, but his whole demeanor has changed! He is not that frightened and nervous little dog I met just 3 days ago. He is PLAYFUL, and has more energy and is even a little more confident.

It warms my heart to see this huge change in just a few days. A little TLC really does go a long, long way, and if anybody deserves it, JoeJoe certainly does.

He is getting used to wearing his collar and walking on the leash. He likes to take a hold of it so that it looks like he is walking himself. We discovered the tennis ball yesterday, and I don’t think he’s put it down yet! He is eating well, and he LOVES treats and bones – which he is getting plenty of.

JoeJoeI really think that at one time JoeJoe was an inside dog. He has not gone potty in his crate – not once – not even when his stomach was very upset the first day he arrived. I am, however, still working on getting him to LIKE the crate. He finds comfort in it once he gets situated (its very comfy and soft), but he DOES NOT like going in.

I so appreciate all the e-mails and prayers that are being sent to JoeJoe. Please keep them coming. He still does have a little ways to go on his road to recovery, but he is making wonderful progress!


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