Picture Contest for Kids! Me and My Dog

Calling all budding artists!

Bless the Bullys has a new picture contest called Me and My Dog. Me and my Dog is a wonderful opportunity for children to show their artistic talents and their love for their bully all at the same time!

Due to sensationalized and slanted media, the general public sees pit bulls as inappropriate family dogs. My hope for the contest is to show the public – directly through children’s artwork – how much a child’s dog (yes…even pit bulls) means to them and how integrated dogs are in the lives of our families. Drawing is a natural mode of communication for children, and it reveals so much about their feelings. Pit bulls make excellent family dogs, and our kids can convey that through their art!

The Me and My Dog contest is in conjunction with the upcoming Third Annual National Pit Bull Awareness Day, and will run through October 2009. My goal is to create a “picture wall” for this year’s NPBAD to display the pictures received and to allow the public to see these family dogs through the eyes of the children who love them.

In addition, I also think it would be great if the pictures could make their rounds to cities that have and/or considering passing pit bull bans. Photocopies of the pictures will be made available for display to any animal shelter who would like to display them – again, a great statement for cities with pit bull bans.

Finally, with respect to the “contest” – 12 pictures will be selected to create a 2010 calendar. Special consideration for the calendar will be given to any child who has experienced the pain and heartbreak of losing a family companion to breed specific legislation.

Bless the Bullys is accepting drawings, paintings or any kind of artwork submitted by children under the age of 16. Children can submit as many pictures as they want. When submitting artwork, please include a brief paragraph about the artist and the dog pictured. All artwork will become property of Bless the Bullys and will not be returned. The contest is open to all children, regardless of their artistic ability or talent level…we want to make a statement – not put the pictures on display at The Met (although that is a grand idea!)

Contact me at jodi_preis@yahoo.com for more details and for the address to send pictures.


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