One week with JoeJoe

Today marks one whole week with JoeJoe – the neglected bully boy injured because he was chained to a house that burned down.

JoeJoe continues to make wonderful progress. He is such a sweet dog with an incredible personality. I can’t get over the changes in him in just seven days. I don’t know what happened that brought him to the circumstances we found him in, but I am positive that at some point in time, JoeJoe was an inside dog that received love and attention. He knows some basic commands, and he is housebroken. He is very voice and touch responsive, and he absolutely LOVES to be right next to you.

All his wounds are beginning to heal, and he is no longer limping – not at all. He is filling out nicely, too. Pretty soon, he’ll be good as new…maybe even better!

Thank you to everyone who has been checking up on him and sending him care packages! You all are wonderful, and JoeJoe and I are so grateful for your support and prayers!


One response to “One week with JoeJoe

  1. I think he will make someone a wonderful pet. He deserves that. He responded so quickly….I think he loves women most.

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