Rescue News

Welcome Kierra!

This very pretty, gentle girl comes to us via another irresponsible and cruel owner. Kierra was seized in a dogfighting bust – her “owner” is in jail, obviously more concerned with making a profit off his dogs than any companionship they would more than willingly have given him.


Kierra is a very sweet girl, and it is believed by all who have met and evaluated her that she was not a fighter. She is far too submissive, she likes to play with other dogs, and she has displayed no aggressive behavior toward other dogs.

Kierra is settling in, and I hope to see her come out of her shell in the coming weeks.

JoeJoe Update

JoeJoe continues to do GREAT! We went to the vet yesterday, and he is up to 40 pounds! Everyone in the vet’s office commented on how much better he looked and how “happy” he seemed. JoeJoe is walking well on the leash, he sits on command, and he is willingly going in his crate now.

JoeJoe has so much pep! He loves to play with his stuffed toys and any kind of ball. In the clip below, he is snug in his fleece jacket playing fetch. More than anything else, just being next to someone makes this little guy extremely happy!


One response to “Rescue News

  1. Great job JoeJoe! His heart and your help brought him to where he is today! Kiss-kiss JoeJoe.

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