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Thomas County, Georgia

After the fatal mauling of a 5 year old girl in Thomasville, Geogia, (who was playing in her backyard without adult supervision with three chained “pit bulls”, one of which was pregnant) there has been much media talk about a pit bull ban in Thomas County. In fact, both the Thomas County Sheriff and the father of the little girl made public calls for breed specific legislation.

With that in mind, I corresponded with the city manager, Mr. Stephenson, on January 20, 2009 regarding any proposed changes to the animal control ordinance in Thomas County. According to Mr. Stephenson, there is currently no plan to discuss pit bulls at the next county commissioners meeting on January 26, 2009. The commissioners are, however, working on a proposal “ASAP” that would address the problem of “all vicious dogs regardless of breed.”

Mr. Stephenson advised he will recommend the Board hold a public hearing prior to adoption of any ordinance. In addition, interested parties can place their names on the agenda (via the county clerk) to be heard regarding this matter either on January 26 or at any upcoming commissioner’ s meeting if they have information they would like the commission to consider in drafting their ordinance.

I would strongly suggest that Thomas County residents attend the next several county council meetings to follow the progress of the pending ordinance and voice any objections should BSL be brought back up. There are two commission meetings per month. The first meeting each month is the 2nd Tuesday every Month at 9:00 a.m., and the second is 13 days later on Monday every Month at 6:00 pm.

Montana HB 191
A hearing is scheduled on Representative Robyn Driscoll’s HB 191 — a bill that would effectively exterminate the pit bull breed in the State of Montana. The hearing is set for Thursday, January 22, 2009.

We are hearing A LOT of talk that this Bill is losing steam quickly, and that Representative Driscoll herself has stated she is aware the Bill has little to no chance of passing.

Regardless, we still encourage everyone to write to the Local Government Committee (individual e-mail addresses can be found in my post of January 11, 2009) to express your disapproval of and objection to breed specific legislation in any shape or form.

Molalla, Oregon

In response to a Christmas day “pit bull” attack, the city of Molalla announced that a pit bull ban would be taken under consideration. After much discussion and research on the part of the Molalla city council, they decided against passing a breed specific ordinance and instead chose to pass a law that holds irresponsible dog owners to a higher accountability regardless of the breed of dog they own.

Way to go Molalla for taking the time to research the issue and make the RIGHT decision!


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