Montana…say it ain’t so

If you have ever doubted the possibility of BSL coming to your city, try to imagine the possibility of it coming to your STATE.

Well, that’s what Montana Representative Driscoll has proposed. HB 191 would give broad authority to police and animal control officers to confiscate and kill pit bulls regardless of behavior. If a person refuses to surrender their dog, a search warrant can be obtained and the dog can be seized. The dog will then be euthanized within 10 days.

Montana’s pit bull ban will be considered at a hearing before the Local Government Committee in Helena at 3 p.m. Thursday, January 22, 2008.

Your POLITE AND RESPECTFUL opposition to breed specific legislation should be sent to the below members of the Local Government Committee.

Arntzen, Elsie (R) (Chair)

Hands, Betsy (D) (Vice Chair)

MacLaren, Gary (R) (Vice Chair)

Becker, Arlene (D)

Bennett, Gerald (R)

Berry, Tom (R)

Driscoll, Robyn (D) — Bill Sponsor

Ebinger, Bob (D)

Grinde, Wanda (D)

Hamilton, Robin (D)

Ingraham, Pat (R)

Menahan, Mike (D)

More, Michael (R)

Reichner, Scott (R)

Reinhart, Michele (D)

Sands, Diane (D)

Stahl, Wayne (R)

Vance, Gordon (R)


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