Oshkosh says “NO” to BSL

Oshkosh is the second city this week to decide against breed specific legislation!

Kudos to the officials of Oshkosh for thoroughly researching BSL, including the public in their discussions, and ultimately making the right decision! Holding irresponsible, careless and negligent owners accountable for the actions of their dogs – regardless of breed – is the appropriate solution to effectively ensure community safety.

Cityscraps pit bull ordinance in wake of public criticism of breed-specific legislation

BY AMIE JO SCHAENZER • of the Northwestern • January 21, 2009

Pit bulls will continue to be on the same playing field as other breeds in Oshkosh as the city has decided to pull breed-specific legislation from proposed animal ordinance changes.

After completing more research into the topic and receiving community feedback, most of which was from people opposed to breed-specific legislation, health director Paul Spiegel said he would request the measure be pulled from proposed animal ordinance changes during a meeting Thursday with the work group that has been spearheading the effort.

The proposed legislation would have required owners of pit bulls, and other related breeds, to either complete an American Kennel Club class or obtain a special license in order for the dogs to stay within the city limits.

http://www.thenorth western.com/ article/20090121 /OSH0101/ 90121074/ 1987


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