JoeJoe – One month update

Its hard to believe that JoeJoe has been with me a month now. Just look at this picture…is it really possible this is the same heartbreaking dog I met just a few weeks ago?


JoeJoe is doing so well, and he is really starting to look so much better! The burns on his face are finally starting to clear up, and I think they will be totally gone in a couple of weeks. The spots on his feet look so much better, as well.

JoeJoe is a sweet, mischievous, playful and HAPPY little dog. He is doing very well with his housebreaking – he’s only had one accident in his crate! He absolutely loves to chase his ball or any toy! He just really loves attention of any kind, and wants to be right next to you. JoeJoe does very well with other dogs – although he is a little rambunctious. In this picture, he is with my boxer, Oakely.


All in all, I just can’t say enough wonderful things about JoeJoe. I can’t imagine why anyone would stick him out on a chain and simply forget about him. (If you recall, not only was he burned in the fire, but he was skin and bones – left to almost starve – and he was completely full of worms). Despite his hard knocks, he is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met! He really is a bundle of loving personality!


4 responses to “JoeJoe – One month update

  1. How some scum can do that to any animal is beyond my scope of comprehension. I wished they could find the one or ones who did this & mete out proper punishment, say do the same thing to them as they did to this little furbaby!! He sure is a gorgeous little fella!!! Pray that he gets a good furever home!!Thanks to all rescuers of all animals!!!!!!!!

  2. Joe Joe looks FANTASTIC! What a difference! He look so happy and healthy! Thank you Jodi!

  3. He looks so cute. Someone is going to get a great dog!!!

  4. WAY TO GO, JOEJOE! I am constantly amazed by what an animal can forgive and forget… JoeJoe has obviously decided that life is good, and he’s gonna grab it! Such a cute little boy – hard to believe he’s the same sad baby that we saw last month.

    Oh, and WAY TO GO, JODI! Without whom none of this would be possible!

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