CALL TO ACTION – Be a voice for the innocent

Upon the urging of the Humane Society of the United States, a mass execution took place in Wilkes County, North Carolina yesterday. Close to 150 pit bulls seized in a dog fighting investigation were all destroyed — even the youngest of the puppies born in the care of animal control after the initial seizure. These dogs were destroyed despite the fact that several organizations stepped up to offer their assistance and, more importantly, despite the very public accomplishments and progress of the Vick dogs who were seized in the very same type of situation.

North Carolina state law defines dogs as dangerous if they are involved in a dog-fighting operation, and a county ordinance requires that dangerous dogs be destroyed. THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE. Every dog deserves the chance to be judged as an individual, and the Wilkes County dogs were robbed of that chance.

Please do not let the lives of these innocent animals be lost in vain. Lets ensure that they leave a legacy for the future – that no other animals endure the same discrimination and judgment they did. That every dog is judged as an individual – not under a blanket stereotype.

Below is a call to action issued by Best Friends. Please send this to each and every North Carolina resident you know and ask them to take action. Ask them to make sure that tragedies like this never happen again.

Thank you!

Jodi Preis
Bless the Bullys
http://www.blessthebullys. com


► Please do not let something like this happen again. Residents of North Carolina are urged to contact your state Senator, Representatives, and Senator Stan Bingham to request a redraft of North Carolina Statute NC 67-1 – 4.1 (a)(1).

Ask that the law be made stronger; however, insist on striking “b” from the definition of “Dangerous Dog” (remove “Any dog owned or harbored primarily or in part for the purpose of dog fighting, or any dog trained for dog fighting”).

Remember, all dogs are individuals and should be evaluated as such, not lumped together by group or breed.

Senator Stan Bingham
16 W. Jones Street, Room 2117
Raleigh, NC 27601-2808
Phone: 919-733-5665
E-mail: Stan.Bingham@

Find out who your state legislators are here, by inputting your zip code + 4 (scroll down page, right hand column).

http://network. bestfriends. org/stopbsl/ news/32259. html

Regional Briefs: 145 pit bulls put to death in Wilkes

Published: February 18, 2009

WILKESBORO — Wilkes County Animal Control destroyed 146 pit bulls yesterday, following a judge’s order.

The dogs were associated with Wildside Kennels, whose owner, Ed Faron, 61, was convicted last week of 14 felony counts of dog fighting.

Authorities seized 127 of the dogs in a raid on Faron’s property on Dec. 10, 2008. The rest of the dogs were born after the raid. The county had acknowledged that some litters had been born, but yesterday was the first time that the county released the actual number of dogs involved.

According to a ruling Monday by Judge Ed Wilson Jr. of Superior Court, state law defines dogs as dangerous if they are involved in a dog-fighting operation, and a county ordinance requires that dangerous dogs be destroyed.

The raid was the result of a three-year investigation by the Humane Society of the United States, in cooperation with Wilkes County Animal Control and the Wilkes County Sheriff’s Office. Representatives of the Humane Society told the judge that the dogs should be destroyed, because they had been bred for generations to be aggressive.

A number of animal-rescue groups had offered to place the dogs, but none of their representatives were at Monday’s hearing when the judge was considering what should happen to the dogs.

http://www2. journalnow. com/content/ 2009/feb/ 18/145-pit- bulls-put- to-death- in-wilkes/


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