Catching up…

I’ve been sick as a dog (no pun intended) the last couple of weeks, and the blog suffered for it. So I am going to try to catch up on a bunch of things all at once.

Joe Joe is doing incredibly well. He is definitely settling in and getting more comfortable with me. He’s not as leary when you reach out to pet him, and he now WILLINGLY goes into his crate (with a treat, of course :-)…) joejoe7

He is a sweet, silly boy that loves his toys and thrives on human attention. I can’t imagine how lonely and depressed he must have been chained up outside, all alone. I am looking forward to the day I meet his future family and knowing he will be loved for a lifetime!

* * * * * *

Tiffin turned ELEVEN on February 16!! It seems like it wasn’t that long ago when I drove to State College, Pennsylvania to meet a sad, skinny little 9-month-old dog that so obviously needed someone to love him. Tiffin inspired my love for the breed, and it is my hope that everyone who adopts a pit bull finds the same true love and devotion that I found in him. Photobucket

* * * * * *

We determined recently that Harlan has allergies. Our vet, Dr. Copeland, is assuming that since its winter and there is little pollen and grass, he is allergic to food. We started him out on a “trial” diet to see if his skin and ear conditions improve. So now he is eating Science Diet z/d ultra which, considering the cost, must be made with platinum or gold or something along those lines. I will say that he does really LOVE the z/d, but as you can see, he does seem to miss his old food just a little… february-harlan

* * * * * *

We had our first weekend snow last weekend which allowed me to take pictures. The snow definitely adds to the peaceful scenery that surrounds our house. Its kinda funny because I know if I still lived in Delaware, this would be called a “dusting” of snow, but, nevertheless, it does make nice pictures.


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