Army Orphans – Pictures

This is an update to my original post of March 5, 2009.  These are the only two girls left in need of rescue at the Ft. Cambpell, Kentucky base shelter.  I am happy to say that ALL of the dogs posted two weeks ago were either adopted or rescues! 

These two girls are currently being housed at the Ft. Campbell, Kentucky shelter, and they are in IMMEDIATE need of placement!   The shelter has set up a fund, and they will both be spayed prior to leaving the shelter.




Its important to note that these girls are the victims of a breed discriminating policy.  They both come from inside homes where they were family pets.   Due to the implementation of BSL that targets four breeds, the base shelter is full, and these innocent girls are in immediate need of placement. 

If you are able to offer immediate assistance to some wonderful dogs in need, please contact Sergeant Polizzo with the Ft. Campbell, Kentucky shelter at or you can contact me at

The shelter is full, and these innocent dogs are running out of time!


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