In Memory of a friend

I received some sad news yesterday.  My friend, Christina Williams, lost her battle to cancer Friday night.  Christina was a genuinely good person with a big heart for her loved ones and family, for her dogs, and for the world around her.  She always had a positive attitude, in spite of – and maybe because of – the circumstances of her health.  She wanted to lift others up instead of leave them heavy hearted.

If you have seen some of our videos, you will no doubt recognize Christina.  I first met her in 2006 when her boyfriend, Donnie, filled out an adoption application for one of my bullys, Merlot.  The first time we met, I instantly liked both of them.  We all talked for a good long time while they got to know Merlot and introduced her to Donnie’s male bully.   When it came time a few weeks later to make Merlot’s adoption official, Christina had so many questions.  She wanted to be the perfect “mom” for Merlot.  While it was Donnie who actually adopted Merlot, it became clear very early on that Merlot was definitely Christina’s dog.  🙂

picture-148I could not have asked for a better family for Merlot, who definitely had a very rough start in life.  Christina sent me updates and pictures all the time.  Its hard to imagine that the last pictures I received just a little over a month ago, will be the last I will ever get from Christina.  How sad that makes my heart.  The pictures were of her mom and Merlot in a nearby park, with a note that said, “This spring/summer I plan on strapping a backpack on Merlot to carry water/snacks. See her extra tummy skin! Obviously we slacked this year on walks. I’m so ready to get back out there when I’m able and we will.”

Christina is now able to do all those things she wanted but that her body just wouldn’t let her.  God bless you, Christina.  You will be greatly missed.   This world is a little darker as we have lost a very bright light, but I have no doubt that light will shine in the heavens over us all.  I hope that I am lucky enough to see you again one day, my friend.   picture-118


One response to “In Memory of a friend

  1. Hello Jodi, That was very nice of you. I miss her. Merlot is doing great and I thank you for all you have done for us. Christina thought of you greatly and was determined to fight for the cause with you. I will send you pictures and updates on Merlot,Capone and Tripod when I can. Thank you. Donnie

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