March comes to a close…

Sometimes I get so caught up in all the daily BSL postings, I don’t get a chance to post about the rescue and the dogs…you know, the GOOD stuff!

Last week, I stopped at PetCo for treats for the kids, and I came across an incredible sale on “doggy fashions.”  The sale prices were so good, I had to buy a few outfits.    Honestly, I don’t know who had more fun with the outfits, me or the bullys.  They all looked so cute! joejoe-dressed-up I got a great little pink hoodie for Oakley and, of course, it was too little. The only one who fit into the outfit was JoeJoe. Despite the pink, he still looked absolutely ADORABLE!!

Speaking of JoeJoe, he is doing incredibly well.  He looks wonderful – nothing like that sad little dog that I met back in January.  joejoe8 Not only has he blossomed into a beautiful boy, he has a wonderful personality to match.  He is so sweet and so full of life…and you just have to LOVE THOSE EARS!!  I am amazed at his transformation and I look forward to watching him grow and find a new family.

I met an absolutely fantastic bully at the Cookeville shelter yesterday. cville-shelter-bully4 What a sweet boy.  He is very mellow and laid back and gets along with other dogs…its no wonder he is a shelter favorite!  I’ve listed this handsome boy as the “Featured Bully” on the website, and I have no doubt we will find him a great home! You can get more information on him through the Cookeville/Putnam County Animal Shelter – (931) 526-3647.

All the dogs are loving the warmer weather.  I love to watch them stretched out in the yard taking in the sunshine.  They always look so content and happy and lazy…just the way dogs should be.  The last couple days the weather was cold and rainy, and I got this shot of my two boys lounging.  I tell ya…they definitely have the life!


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