Rescue Ramblings


I learned this week that I received the AKC Good Samaritan Award from the American Rottweiler Club for my work fighting breed specific legislation.  The announcement was made during the ARC’s annual awards ceremony on May 2, 2009.

An AKC Good Samaritan Award letter of recognition and a certificate will be awarded to any person who, in the opinion of the ARC Board of Directors, has aided and/or promoted an individual Rottweiler or our breed in some outstanding way.

This year we are presenting this award to Jodi Preis from Cookeville, Tennessee.

Through the web group Jodi has been tirelessly on the forefront of alerting people all across the country regarding anti-canine and breed specific legislation, giving them legislation, contact information, meeting times and generally encouraging others to get involved and help protect our rights to own, love and enjoy our dogs.

This is an incredible honor for me.  The fight against BSL is of great importance for me personally, and it dominates a huge portion of my life.  Its also significant to have received this honor from the ARC as it clearly acknowledges that we are ALL in this fight together – it is NOT just a “pit bull issue,” but rather, threatens all dogs and all dog owners. Responsible dog owners should have the right to share their lives and their hearts with whatever breed of dog they choose, and I sincerely thank the ARC for this great honor!


Speaking of BSL, I just updated the blog with the latest areas we need to focus our attention on.  Please act TODAY – write letters and make phone calls – and help responsible dog owners retain their right to own the dog breed of their choice!


The owner of a FREE publication in New Jersey (Our Town East Morris Magazine) is running the Pit Bull Awareness Day logo in the next edition of her magazine to help raise awareness of this great day.  She is the owner of a bully breed dog, and understands the importance of changing perceptions and stereotypes about these incredible dogs. The fact that the publication is free means TONS AND TONS of people are going to see it! The publication is to be out TOMORROW (June 8, 2009).  So you guys in the East Morris, NJ area, please be sure to pass it around!

As you all know, Pit Bull Awareness Day, will be here before you know it — October 24, 2009!  I am really excited that there are already several events planned across the country.  So… what are YOU waiting for?  Get your event scheduled TODAY, and start planning the way YOU are going to change the way your town perceives our incredible dogs!


Bless the Bullys had the great pleasure of being invited to participate in East TN Pit Bull Rescue’s very first BULLY BONANZA on May 30. Hats off to Wendy Jackson and the rest of the East TN crew for putting together a great event in a perfect location! DSC05626DSC05682DSC05678DSC05702

Lots of pit bull advocates and owners attended, and a great time was had by all! In addition to local rescues and animal related organizations, Libby Sherrill, the woman behind the pit bull/BSL documentary “Beyond the Myth” was there, as well, getting lots of good footage for the movie.   I even got to be interviewed by Libby and the crew! For more incredible pictures from Bully Bonanza, please visit Jennie Huettel photography!

I think everyone who attended would agree that we touched a lot of people and reached out to many who might not otherwise have any interaction with “pit bulls” —  all while having a GREAT TIME!  I am definitely looking forward to next year’s bully bonanza!


For all the JoJo fans out there, I thought it was time to post some new pictures of this adorable boy!  For anyone who doesn’t know, JoJo was found by a caring lady in Lebanon, Tennessee back in January.  He had been chained to a house that had burned down.   JoJoJoJo has made an incredible recovery and is simply just a FANTASTIC little guy.  We took him to Bully Bonanza last week, and everyone thought he was adorable!

Its pretty obvious to all that I have grown very attached to this little guy.  He has quite a way of pulling at your heart strings.  I simply cannot say enought wonderful things about this precious little dog who came to me under such sad circumstances and in such poor health.  He really is a four-legged little angel.


Last (but not least), an update on Brooklyn, one of 17 pit bulls seized in a neglect/cruelty case in Silver Point, Tennessee in December.  The “owner” of did not feed or water her dogs for almost THREE WEEKS!  Brooklyn’s story had a happy ending — sadly, the same cannot be said for the others who starved to death before animal control found them.


As you can see, Brooklyn is a far cry from the skin and bones little girl she was a few months ago.  She has really made an excellent recovery – a great deal of that can be attributed to the TLC she received from the staff at the Cookeville/Putnam County Animal Shelter where she stayed while awaiting the end of legal proceedings on the owner before she could be turned over to rescue.

Brooklyn is a blast of sweet and playful energy!  She really is a little doll with a wonderful temperament!  She is an absolutely beautiful girl.  Her coat is silky and beautiful and, to quote my aunt, she shines like new money! LOL!



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  1. It’s a shame this breed gets such a bad rap. Thanks for sharing the positive truth.

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