**BSL ALERT** Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Armed with a grisly catalogue of attacks on people and pets, the Police Department has launched a campaign to persuade the City Council to impose strict new regulations on pit bull terriers. 

Capt. Kenneth Paulhus has compiled more than three years’ worth of reports he says show an alarming trend: Pit bulls are responsible for more dog bites in the city than any other breed, often causing serious injuries that require costly medical or veterinary treatment.

The entire article published June 14, 2009 can be found here:http://www.woonsock etcall.com/ content/view/ 90556/1/

Please send your polite and respectful opposition to breed specific legislation to the Woonsocket officials listed below.   Talking points and sample letters may be found at www.defendingdog.com


Member (E-Mail) Address Phone Number
Leo T. Fontaine

l.fontaine@cox. net
56 Tara Lane (401) 769-7289
William D. Schneck, Jr.
Vice President
schneckfam@aol. com 

211 Cherry Hill Ave  (401) 766-8621 
Suzanne J. Vadenais
svadenais@yahoo. com 

68 Miles Avenue (401) 769-1214
John F. Ward, CPA
ward02985@cox. net 

166 Getchell Avenue (401) 766-8743
Stella Brien
stella@brienlaw. com
521 South Main Street (401) 766-9887
Christopher Beauchamp
chrisbeauchamp@ nicori.com 

37 Meadow Road (401) 356-4940
Roger Jalette
E-mail not available
178 Greene Street (401) 597-5790

City council meeting minutes and agendas can be found at:
http://www.ci. woonsocket. ri.us/citycounci l.htm


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