**BSL ALERT** Des Moines, Iowa

The next city council meeting is June 30, 2009.

Please send your POLITE AND RESPECTFUL opposition to the Des Moines city officials listed below.  Talking points for letters can be found at Defending Dog.
Des Moines, Iowa Officials

Mayor – T. M. Franklin Cownie

E-mail addresses for Mayor and City Council members:
mahafb@aedairy.com; CColeman@dmgov.org; fcownie@dmgov.org; ColemanSeven@mchsi.com; ccoleman@dm.bbb.org; hensley2@mchsi.com; dirauh@dmgov.org; Vlassis3@mchsi.com; tdvlassis@dmgov.org; mjkiernan@dmgov.org; brianmeyer@sprint. blackberry. net;

City council agendas and meeting dates:


Des Moines councilwoman backs citywide ban on pit bulls


A Des Moines City Council member has come out in favor of a pit bull ban while local leaders weigh tougher regulations on breeds of dogs deemed vicious in the city code.

Councilwoman Christine Hensley said the volume of complaints and concerns she’s fielded about pit bulls over the years has moved her to back a ban.

“They’re not an appropriate breed to have in the city because there are all kinds of issues that could potentially develop,” she said.

http://www.desmoine sregister. com/article/ 20090626/ NEWS/906260377/ 1001/NEWS


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