Raising Awareness in White County, TN

If you read the blog regularly, you already know that White County Sheriff Oddie Shoupe brought up breed specific legislation last week.  Sheriff Shoupe plans on making a formal request for a county-wide pit bull ban at the next county commissioner’s meeting on August 10.

A “pet pageant” had previously been scheduled to take place at the White County Fairgrounds tomorrow, July 26, 2009.  Bless the Bullys has been invited to talk about breed specific legislation to pageant attendees.  The pageant host, Renee Flatt, is hoping to raise awareness on the current issue in White County, as well as the possibility of challenging the ban already passed in Sparta (the White County seat).

Anyone in the area, please stop by and say hello, but DO NOT bring your bully breed dogs with you. It is my understanding that the fairgrounds are in the Sparta city limits, where pit bulls are banned. I don’t typically encourage bull breed owners to patronize anyplace that their dogs are prohibited from going, but a lot is at stake in White County right now, and we really need to get educational materials in the hands of the general public. This is a good opportunity to reach out and touch pet owners who might be otherwise unaware of BSL or that it even exists in their city.

Event Date:July 25th, 2009
Event Time: Registration 10:00 a.m.
Location:White County Ag Building (White County Fairgrounds)
Contact:Renee Flatt – reneejflatt@yahoo.com
Event Details: Pet Pageant will be held at 10 am. Sign up at the door. Entry fee is $10

Hope to see you tomorrow!



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