Dandridge, TN – Pit Bull Ban Vote TONIGHT

The Dandridge, Tennessee city council is set to take a third and final vote on an ordinance that would ban pit bulls TONIGHT (Tuesday, October 13, 2009). The meeting begins at 7:00 (EST) and will be held at the Public Works Building located at 267 West Highway 25  70. I have included a map below.   (Public Works and the Police Department are in the same building)

Please make every effort to try to attend this meeting if at all possible. Dandridge is located in Jefferson County. Jefferson County consists of 4 cities, two of which already have pit bull bans in place.  It would be very easy for the council to just follow suit of these nearby towns, and we need to educate them on the reasons why BSL is not the solution for their animal control problems. 

We really want to have a PACKED HOUSE tonight. Please come to this meeting as a show of united support for the responsible pit bull owners in Dandridge. While there is a period of time for open public comment, you do not have to address the council if you don’t want to, but please just show up to support those who will be addressing the council. We are providing stickers to wear to those who oppose BSL, so please be on the lookout for them when you arrive.

Hope to see you tonight!

Dandridge map


One response to “Dandridge, TN – Pit Bull Ban Vote TONIGHT

  1. Punish the deed NOT the breed. This wonderful breed were highly regarded as ” nanny’s dogs”. It is the humans who violate their wonderful disposition and their loyalty.

    In the past people who were “left handed” were considered evil and were made to redirect their dominant hand. Should we have banned all the individuals with ” left handedness”.

    Please make a decision based on facts not fear and prejudice.


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