ALERT – Eupora, Mississippi (SEVERAL breeds)

The city of Eupora, Mississippi is currently considering an extremely vague ordinance that would affect:

1. Pit Bulls
2. Rottweilers
3. Dobermans
4. Chow Chows
5. Dalmations
6. Any type or breed of “guard dog” (a/k/a German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, etc.); and
7. Wolf hybrids

The Board of Aldermen must hold a hearing and take a second vote before this ordinance takes effect.

Please take a moment to send your POLITE, RESPECTFUL and INFORMATIVE letters of opposition to the Eupora city officials. Please be sure to stress the difficulty of enforcement and the potential liability the town could expose itself to with a law that relies so heavily on the subjective opinion of the officials charged with determining the breed and apparently the purpose of a dog. Please also send them viable alternatives and suggestions for their consideration.

Talking points for letters can be found at

Eupora does not have a website, and I am unable to find e-mail contact information for anyone there. If someone could get me a fax number for the city clerk, it would be much appreciated.

Jodi Preis
Bless the Bullys
http://www.blessthebullys. com

Eupora, Mississippi

City Clerk
390 West Clark Avenue
Eupora, MS
United States 39744
(662) 258-4121

City Hall
390 West Clark Avenue
Euporoa, MS 39744
(662)258 -2291

Board adopts new dog control law
by By Russell Hood
03.11.10 – 05:16 pm

A proposed city ordinance that, in part, addresses the confinement of dangerous dogs awaits final approval following publication and a hearing.

The dog and animal control ordinance will take effect July 1 after publication as a legal notice along with a public hearing and a second vote by the Eupora Board of Aldermen, which unanimously adopted it March 1.

Aldermen did so, with some changes made following discussion, upon a motion by Dan Burchfield (at large), who noted, “We’ve been dealing with this since 1997.” Billy Brister (Ward 2) seconded his motion.

“Something needs to be done,” said Vickey Patterson (Ward 1) during the discussion. She had pushed for a stronger dog control law after sharing her complaints and those of others concerning pit bulls roaming a neighborhood in her ward. During a December meeting, she asked what could be done to enforce the confinement of such animals.

Police Chief Gregg Hunter also said he favored regulating that breed.

“I see it as a growing problem,” he said, adding that pit bulls are being used more frequently for fighting.

Burchfield originally presented a sample ordinance for dog control on Feb. 1, when it was tabled until last week. He said earlier this week that a special board meeting might be called for Monday to consider additional revisions.

The statute is based on Mississippi Municipal League guidelines as well as state law, and will repeal all prior ordinances pertaining to dogs and animals within the city if given final approval.

A city resolution currently in effect only requires that all dog owners keep them collared with the collars containing the owner’s name, address and phone number, and the up-to-date license tag from a licensed veterinarian. Officers now impound dogs running loose without tags at a small facility at the city barn. They are kept for five days unless claimed.

These are highlights of the proposed ordinance, which also includes the aforementioned collaring regulations:

Pit bull dogs, Rottweilers, Dobermans, chows, Dalmatians or wolf hybrids and any type or breed of dog used a guard or attack dog over the age of 6 months will be considered “prime facie” as dangerous dogs. This doesn’t include police dogs used to assist law enforcement or a non-guard dog attempting to prevent a trespassing or other criminal offense on someone’s property.

Owners or keepers of any dangerous dog must be at least 21, not permit them to run at large and keep them in a proper enclosure (no more than two at any single dwelling).

This means a locked pen or other enclosure that has a top, or a locked fenced back yard that will prevent the dog from escaping. The enclosure must also provide protection for the dog from the elements.

When unconfined, the dogs must be restrained by a leash and muzzled. No dangerous dog may be walked or exercised within 50 feet of any public school grounds, nor enter any school grounds, public event, parade, public or municipal park.

It will be unlawful for anyone in the city to own, keep or harbor a dangerous dog unless it is registered, and proof must be provided by a veterinarian that it has been neutered or spayed, and has had anti-rabies vaccination within the preceding year.

The city clerk’s office will issue a certificate of registration to the owner of a dangerous dog for one year after payment of a $50 fee per dog. A photograph and police officer’s on-site investigation and testimony to the clerk’s office that a proper enclosure is confining the dog will also be required.

Additionally, a surety bond or a policy of liability insurance of at least $50,000 per dangerous dog insuring the owner for any personal injuries inflicted by the dog will be necessary.

http://www.websterp rogresstimes. com/printer_ friendly/ 6671570


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