BSL ALERT: Garden City, Michigan

Garden City Councilwoman Jaylee Lynch is requesting the city consider stronger measures to deal with “pit bulls” in the community. Please send your POLITE, RESPECTFUL and INFORMATIVE letters in opposition to breed specific legislation to the Garden City officials listed below. Please also include viable alternatives and suggestions for their consideration, as well.

Individual e-mail addresses are not available for the city council members, but correspondence can be sent via an online contact form, or correspondence can be faxed to the city clerk at (734) 793-1621 with a request to forward to all the city council members and mayor.

The next regularly scheduled counsel meeting is Monday, October 25, 2010. It is not known at this time if this issue will be addressed at the next meeting.


Garden City Town Hall
6000 Middlebelt Road
Garden City, MI

RANDY WALKER – Mayor – Phone: (734) 793-1671
JIM KERWIN – Mayor Pro Tem – Phone: 734-793-1677
JAYLEE LYNCH – Council Member – Phone: (734) 793-1673
AL BRISCOE – Council Member – Phone: (734) 793-1676
JOANNE DODGE – Council Member – Phone: (734) 422-5441
MIKE TODD – Council Member – Phone: (734) 793-1672
DAVID DUNCAN – Council Member – Phone: (734) 793-1675

Online contact form for city officials:

City council agendas:

Lynch looks for changes in vicious dog ordinance
By Sue Buck • OBSERVER STAFF WRITER • October 21, 2010

A Garden City Council member is looking for stronger measures in dealing with pit bulls in the community.

Councilmember Jaylee Lynch has asked her colleagues to consider new measures to ensure the safety of residents, their children and their pets.

The request comes on the heels of an attack of a dog in August and the report of a pit bull at large in the area of Lathers Elementary School Oct. 18.

“I’d like the council to get behind this,” said Lynch. “I know not all pit bulls are vicious, but the breed is known to be vicious and people treat them differently because of that.”

Lynch cited a report by Police Chief Robert Muery which indicated that there has been three pit bull attacks, The one that bothers her the most is the August incident in which “we have no clue who the owner of the dog was,” she said.

In the latest incident, a Garden City police officer sought safety in his vehicle Monday, Oct. 18, after a pit bull he was trying to snare charged at him.

The police department was called by a resident who reported seeing the pit bull running around the outside of Lathers Elementary School. The police officer found the dog at Sheridan and Gilman and followed it to the porch of the home in the 1700 block of Gilman where he presumed the dog lived.

Dearborn Heights animal control was called, and the 16-year-old son of the dog’s owner was able to lead it into the animal control vehicle. The dog was taken to a shelter in Allen Park, pending outcome of the investigation.

The police have gone to the home on numerous occasions about complaints of a dog at large. The owner was cited four times, dating back to June 8, 2009. However, there were times when no contact was made with the owner.

Garden City does have an ordinance, passed in 1993, that makes it unlawful and punishable for any person to keep or harbor any vicious or dangerous dog anywhere within the city.

A vicious or dangerous dog is defined as any dog that has, without provocation, attacked or bitten any person engaged in a lawful activity, and any dog that has attempted to bite any person engaged in a lawful activity, and any dog that has on more than one occasion bitten, seriously injured, or killed another domestic animal within an 18-month period.

If found guilty of the misdemeanor, the violator could be punished by a fine of not more than $500 and costs of prosecution or by imprisonment for not more than 90 days or both fine and imprisonment. Upon a finding that a dog is vicious or dangerous, the court may, in addition to the penalties, order the dog to be destroyed.

“I don’t want to see anyone else maimed or hurt because of these dogs,” said Lynch. “Maybe this is something we could adopt.”


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