2010 BSL Stats

I’m taking advantage of some rare free time (courtesy of Mother Nature and the snow day she provided) to follow up on the 2010 BSL wins.

The areas noted below said “NO” to BSL in 2010 by either deciding against a proposed ordinance or repealing a law on the books….


Probably the single most significant repeal of 2010 (based on the state law and the notoriety of the “retired” dog warden) is Toledo, Ohio. Lots and LOTS of people deserve a big pat on the back for digging their heels firmly into the ground and making this dream a reality in Toledo!!

    Other places that repealed BSL in 2010:

Topeka, Kansas
Rockville Center Village, New York
Putnam County, West Virginia
Streator, Illinois
Delta, Vancouver, Canada

    Cities that decided against a proposed breed specific ordinance include:

Elgin, Illinois
Garfield, New Jersey
Lodi, New Jersey
Elkhart, Indiana
Point Pleasant, West Virginia
Exeter, California
Sheboyan, Wisconsin
West Baton Rouge, Louisiana

There may be more, and if you know of a city that said “no” to BSL, please let me know!

Here’s to making bigger and better progress in the fight against BSL than ever before in 2011!

Now that I’ve checked that off my “to do” list, I can get to the important stuff…its time to have some fun with the bullys in the snow!! 🙂


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