Illinois HB1080 would allow breed specific ordinances

Illinois House Representative John Bradley has filed a bill that would remove the ban on classifying vicious dogs based on breed. HB1080 was referred to the House Rules Committee on February 3, 2011.

At this time, there is no Senate companion bill.

It is important for Illinois residents to contact the Bill sponsor and each member of the House Rules Committee, as well as their respective House Rep. Unfortunately, it appears the legislator locator on the Illinois State Legislature website is inactive, but if you know what district you live in, you can find your representative here:

HB1080 Sponsor:
Representative John Bradley
Springfield Office:
269-S Stratton Office Building
Springfield, IL 62706
(217) 782-1051
(217) 782-0882 FAX

District Office:
501 W. DeYoung, Suite 5
Marion, IL 62959
(618) 997-9697
(618) 997-9807 FAX
Williamson County

E-mail Quick List for House Rules,,,

Please note that the Rules Committee Chair, Barbara Flynn Currie does not make her e-mail address available. Her contact information is listed below.

Representative Barbara Flynn Currie
Springfield Office:
300 Capitol Building
Springfield, IL 62706
(217) 782-8121
(217) 524-1794 FAX

District Office:
1303 E. 53rd Street
Chicago, IL 60615
(773) 667-0550
(773) 667-3010 FAX
Cook County

Notice of Hearing
(This page is currently not up to date)

State of Illinois
2011 and 2012HB1080
Introduced 2/3/2011, by Rep. John E. Bradley


510 ILCS 5/15 from Ch. 8, par. 365
510 ILCS 5/24 from Ch. 8, par. 374

Amends the Animal Control Act. Removes the ban on classifying vicious dogs based on breed. Effective immediately.

* * *

1 Sec. 24. Nothing in this Act shall be held to limit in any
2 manner the power of any municipality or other political
3 subdivision to prohibit animals from running at large, nor
4 shall anything in this Act be construed to, in any manner,
5 limit the power of any municipality or other political
6 subdivision to further control and regulate dogs, cats or other
7 animals in such municipality or other political subdivision
8 provided that no regulation or ordinance is specific to breed.
9 (Source: P.A. 93-548, eff. 8-19-03.)
10 Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
11 becoming law.


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