**BSL ALERT** Manton, Michigan

City officials in Manton, Michigan are considering drafting an ordinance that would prohibit city residents from owning or purchasing a pit bull.

At last night’s city council meeting, a resident alleged a neighbor’s pit bull attacked his dog, and he requested that the city consider taking action against the “aggressive breed”. The Mayor indicated that the city would investigate ordinances in other municipalities to see “what is out there, how they are worded and whether it is a flat out ban or whether it is a way of containing them.”

A public meeting will be held before any final decisions are made.

Please send your POLITE, RESPECTFUL and INFORMATIVE letters opposing breed specific legislation to the Manton city officials via the address and/or fax number below. Please offer viable suggestions and alternatives for the officials to consider, as well.

City of Manton
306 W. Main St.
Manton, MI 49663
(231) 824-3572
FAX (231) 824-6342(231) 824-3572

Manton Considers Pit Bull Ban


2 responses to “**BSL ALERT** Manton, Michigan

  1. Breed specific legislation is no better than reacism or bigotry. Judging an individual based on their actions is considered justifiable. Making assumptions that person’s actions were related in any way to their age, race, creed, sex, or otherwise (and then banning anyone in that age group, of that race, creed or sex, based on that one individuals actions) is unlawful. Why then do we tolerate, or even create, Breed Specific Legislation?

    We boast on commercials, in fliers, news articles & TV broadcasts how education is the key to tolerance & understanding, yet we don’t extend that compassion & understanding to the one species of animal who’s love is completely unconditional, never judgemental & has been undyingly loyal to us for centuries. No matter what, or who we are, these animals have been by our side, for better or worse, to the bitter end. Why is it then so easy for us to abandon them?

    Its a disgrace as human beings that such a tragedy has been allowed to progress even this far! Please stop this spread of ignorance. Stop punishing animals have done no harm to anyone or anything. Instead, educate the public on responsible pet ownership. Punish individuals for their irresponsibility, not their animals. Instead of fines & passing out judgements of death to the guilty animals, mandate training courses that will teach their owners how to care for, handle & train them. Instead of the price of killing these animals being layed on the taxpayers, create jobs for animal trainers & make the owners of the animals in question pay for the classes & then some. Use the extra funds to open low cost spay & neuter clinics, create classes to train new canine behaviorists & let the cycle of education & thus tolerance & understanding, perpetuate itself.

    Lets focus on how to solve this issue, instead of simply sweeping it under the rug as if it never happened. Don’t forget about it. Remember it. Recognize it. Learn from it & solve it.

    This is the American way & the humane way. Let us be the humans we claim to be & not the monsters we are fast becoming.

    Ban BSL.

    Promote education!

  2. if these types of laws are passed, what will happen to all the pitbull and bully type dogs ALREADY HERE??? you can’t fairly make people give up their pet or find another place to live—especially in this “bullshit economy”–jobs are harder to come by as are places to live that allow pets to begin with—people in power need to examine the reason why pit bulls have such a reputation—HUMAN BEINGS found they could make money off of dog fighting and many people started breeding/buying and selling them for one specific purpose—meanwhile many others were in love with the breed for it’s loyalty and its heart— this whole situation is a mess—spend more money going after the subhumans who breed to fight and kill and stop THEM from destroying an entire breed of loyal dog

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