**BSL ALERT** Xenia, Ohio

Ohio state law currently designates “pit bulls” as vicious dogs and requires owners to adhere to certain requirements.

The town of Xenia is considering an ordinance that would prohibit pit bulls within the city limits. The ordinance DOES NOT contain a grandfather clause which means pit bulls currently residing within the city limits would be forced out or risk being confiscated by authorities.

Its important to note that city officials had to go back to September 2010 for an incident involving pit bulls to support their current proposal.

This issue will be heard TONIGHT, Thursday, April 14, in a special session. The special session will be held in the City Council Chambers, 2nd Floor, City Hall, 101 N. Detroit Street, Xenia. Council meetings typically start at 7:00 p.m., but I would encourage anyone planning on attending to call the city clerk and confirm the time.

As the meeting is tonight, please take a moment this morning to contact city officials with your POLITE, RESPECTFUL and INFORMATIVE opposition to this proposal.

April 13, 2011 article:
Xenia Considering Banning Pit Bulls

Jim Percival
City Manager

Brent Merriman

Jeanne Mills
Council President

William (Bill) R. Miller
Vice President

Marsha J. Bayless, Mayor

John G. Caupp

Michael D. Engle

Dale Louderback

Wesley Smith

4 responses to “**BSL ALERT** Xenia, Ohio

  1. If you ban pit bulls what will be next? Dobermans? German Shepherds? They are said to inflict injuries on people more often than pitties. What about Dalmations? They can be high strung dogs.
    If you ban one breed the banning will never stop. The sensible thing is to encourage and/or enforce spaying and neutering all dogs. Then, educate people instead of instilling fear

  2. Carol Messersmith

    Please keep in mind that any dog, regardless of breed, can and will be sweet & loving. Animals which are mistreated and trained to be aggressive aren’t to be blamed for belonging to any specific breed. It is irresponsible owners who are monsters themselves who create the aggressive and mean dogs which you refer to.
    Please don’t blame the breed. Blame the owners.
    Please let all breeds live under the same and equal laws.

  3. Pit Bulls are not bad dogs you all need to screen people who want to buy them and have them take a class and learn about the breed. I have 2 Pit Bulls and they are wonderful Dogs

  4. I am an owner of a sweet red nose pit bull, she is my sons dog, she is not only our beloved pet but a member of our Family, she is the sweetest Dog we have ever owned, she gives the biggest kisses and snuggles out of all our pets and would’nt hurt a fly!!! It is the bad owners who should be removed from the City limits, they are the ones who irrisponsibly raise their dogs to be viscoious and mean, NOT the breed!! When will people learn this and really hear it!! If this happened in my City I would absolutly move with her but it would be a shame, shame on these people for not realizing that they are taking their frustrations of these incidenes out on the dogs and not the owners!! Goddess bless bless the Bullys! <3<3

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