Denver Mayoral Candidate Jeff Peckman’s position on BSL

I was very pleased to get a response to my earlier blog from Denver mayoral candidate, Jeff Peckman. It seems the Daily News, for whatever reason, failed to publish his position on the pit bull ban in Denver. Mr Peckman provided the following statement:

This posting surprised me. I have not declined to comment on the pit bull issue and in fact have had lengthy e-mail exchanges with one person and a brief exchange with another. To summarize, following is the short answer I gave to the most recent person that asked me about this: “Yes, I would support a repeal and replacement of the current ban with something more along the lines of a Generalized Dangerous Dog Ordinance. I have recently been brought more up to speed on this by someone else and I proposed a way to get it done. It will take a very different strategy than just trying to convince politically motivated and close-minded city council members from backing down. It can be done with both sides of the controversy being satisfied.”

Now that’s certainly a position a lot of animal lovers will appreciate. But lets be clear on something that I think all citizens can appreciate – Mr. Peckman at least illustrates a willingness to open the issue for discussion, unlike the majority of the “front-runner” candidates – those candidates whose positions the Denver Daily News only felt the need to publish.

Shouldn’t every candidate for elected public office be willing to listen to all sides of an issue, and not have their minds made up without listening to and taking into consideration the input of the public who elected them to public office in the first place?

Gives ya something to think about, doesn’t it?

You can learn more about Jeff Peckman at his website:

Make your vote count, Denver!


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