Preliminary results of Denver elections

Many, many thanks to Sonya Dias for this information and for all her efforts in fighting the Denver breed ban.

Spreadsheet with candidate information

So…We’ve not very well in the Denver elections. They aren’t entirely complete yet as several are facing runoffs in June, including the Mayor’s race. Romer and Hancock will be the two candidates for Mayor. Both of them support the ban.

Debbie Ortega and Robin Kneich are the at-large winners. Ortega supports the ban, but claims to be “open for review.” Honestly, I think she might’ve said she was open just to not seem to have a really hard line. In response to Sam’s query, (see link above) Kneich said she is in favor of repealing it, but that, “I don’t think I would lead this effort given all the serious economic challenges facing the city, but should a proposal for repeal be brought forward I would probably support it. I do think breed specific bans are overbroad, aggressive dogs require strong enforcement but they come in all breeds.”

Here are the rest of the results by district.

1) Runoff with Padilla and Shepherd. Incumbent Sandoval decided not to run for reelection. Neither replied to Sam’s query, but hopefully Sam’s willing to try again.

2) Incumbent Faatz won and supports supports the ban.

3) Incumbent Lopez ran uncontested and claims to be in favor of repeal if a strong dog law was in place.

4) Incumbent Lehmann ran uncontested and supports the ban.

5) Runoff with Saunders and Susman. Saunders said he is open to review. Susman did not give her view.

6) Sorry, but…I was sadly wrong thinking that Charlie Brown–the biggest proponent of the ban among council–was to be term-limited out. He’s back, uncontested, for another round at council.

7) Incumbent Chris Nevitt ran uncontested and supports the ban.

8. In Carla Madison’s disctrict, the runoff appears to be between Wil Alston and Albus Brooks. We do not have their views on the ban yet.

9) Incumbent Montero won easily.

10) Incumbent Jeanne Robb ran uncontested.

11) Runoff with Herndon and Martinez. Herndon claims to be open to review and we do not have Martinez’s view.

If you live in one of the districts that will have a runoff…1, 5, 8, and 11…get on the horn and talk to the two candidates!



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