Kenton, TN: Pits & Rotties targeted; 2nd vote tomorrow!

The Kenton board of aldermen is expected to take a second vote on an ordinance that would regulate the ownership of pit bulls and rottweilers tomorrow night (Tuesday, June 7, 2011). The Board unanimously passed the first vote last month.

It should be noted that Kenton has neither an animal control department or an animal shelter.

My attempts at communication with the mayor and Board members have been unsuccessful. In addition, the only information I could get from the city clerk is that the problem appears to be “city wide,” as opposed to a problem with a few specific dog owners.

We really need our friends in the Northwest Tennessee and Southwest Kentucky areas to please attend the meeting tomorrow night! The meeting begins at 7pm in the Conference Room of City Hall, and you DO need to contact the city clerk to be put on the agenda if you would like to address the Board.

In the meantime, please take a moment to make a telephone call or send your letters in opposition to breed specific legislation to the Kenton city officials. You can send all written correspondence to the city clerk with a polite request to forward to the mayor and each Board member.

Kenton City Hall
108 N Poplar
St # A,
Kenton, TN 38233-1247
(731) 749-5767 ‎
Fax: (731) 749-5885


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