Michigan bill would ban pit bulls statewide

UPDATE: June 9, 2011
Per Angie Lake, the Regulatory Reform Committee Clerk, Chairman Crawford does not wish to take up HB4714. Any bill in committee can always be taken up at anytime, so it will not be officially dead until Dec 2012.

Very, very good news for Michigan dog owners!

Action Alert for Michigan Residents!

A bill that would initially strictly regulate, and ultimately ban, the ownership of dogs with the appearance or characteristics of “pit bulls” was introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives. While no hearings have been scheduled yet, it is important that Michigan residents take the time to contact the House Regulatory Reform Committee and and ask them to oppose this measure

House Bill 4714 defines “pit bulls” as:
-American pit bull terriers
-American Staffordshire bull terriers
-Staffordshire bull terriers
-Any dog “displaying the majority of physical traits” of any one or more of these breeds
-“A dog exhibiting those distinguishing characteristics which substantially conform to the standards established by the American Kennel Club or United Kennel Club” for any one of these breeds

HB 4714 establishes a timeline for banning the ownership of these dogs within the state:
-One year after the law is enacted: No one may breed or sell a “pit bull”
-Four years after the law is enacted: No one may own or possess an unsterilized “pit bull”
-Ten years after the law is enacted: No one may own or possess a “pit bull”

Michigan residents need to (1) contact their local
Representative to let them know that you are a constituent, and politely ask them to oppose House Bill 4714; and (2) Contact the members of the Michigan House Regulatory Reform Committee and respectfully ask them to oppose this measure.

Angie Lake
Regulatory Reform Committee Clerk

Regulatory Reform Committee Members:
Hugh D. Crawford (R), Committee Chair, 38th District

Ken Yonker (R), Majority Vice-Chair, 72nd District

Paul E. Opsommer (R), 93rd District

Kevin Daley (R), 82nd District

Tom McMillin (R), 45th District

Jim Stamas (R), 98th District

Michael Shirkey (R), 65th District

Ray A. Franz (R), 101st District

Ed McBroom (R), 108th District

Bruce R. Rendon (R), 103rd District

Tim Melton (D), Minority Vice-Chair, 29th District

Harold L. Haugh (D), 42nd District

Barb Byrum (D), 67th District

Dian Slavens (D), 21st District

James Womack (D), 7th District

Find your local representative:http://www.house.mi.gov/mhrpublic/

In addition, you may want to point to the Fiscal Impact Statements of Tennessee and New Mexico that were drafted for failed attempts to regulate ownership of specific breeds of dogs in those states. Both clearly show the financial and manpower burdens these types of laws place on local municipalities.


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