BREAKING NEWS!! Decade old breed-specific policy ENDED at Montgomery County Animal Control

Montgomery County, Tennessee

Last month, Montgomery County fired its long-time animal control director, David Selby, for his failure to complete training. Selby was well known in the rescue community for his discriminatory policy denying any pit bull to be pulled by a rescue or adopted by the public. Sadly, every pit bull with the misfortune of finding itself at the Montgomery County Animal Control facility met the same fate…euthanasia.

Recently, Sheryl Gossard, the Director of Human Resources for Montgomery County, contacted Bless the Bullys asking for help to find pit bull rescues to pull from their shelter! After 10 long years, the deadly pit bull policy is gone, and pit bulls are finally going to evaluated individually and given a second chance at a new life through rescue. It should be noted that pit bulls will not be adopted to the public directly through the shelter.

Montgomery County requires rescues to be 501(c)(3) charitable organizations. In addition, a copy of the organization’s adoption contract and vet references are also a requirement.

If you are a 501(c)(3) rescue interested in becoming one of the first rescues to pull a pit bull from Montgomery County in TEN years, please contact Sheryl Gossard, Director of Human Resources, at or 931-648-5715. The required documents can also be faxed to Ms. Gossard at 931-920-1816.

This is incredible news and great progress for Montgomery County. Please be a part of this huge change for the better for pit bulls there!


5 responses to “BREAKING NEWS!! Decade old breed-specific policy ENDED at Montgomery County Animal Control

  1. wonderful…most dogs do deserve a second chance…

  2. this is great news indeed

  3. mary forsythe

    Thank you so much to Sheryl Gossard for contacting Bless the Bullys. Thank you to Montgomery County officials for making the changes that they recently have which will allow Animal Control to become a revitalized
    updated shelter.

  4. YEAH for the Bullies!!! I’m so happy to hear this

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