Vick addresses Congress on dogfighting

I had the misfortune of listening to an interview of Michael Vick and Wayne Pacelle on NPR this afternoon. In my defense, I leave NPR on for the dogs and rarely change the station, although for the first time, I felt like I needed to cover their ears. The focus of the interview was an HSUS bill being presented to the U.S. Congress on an animal fighting bill that would hold those in attendance to higher criminal penalties, as well as those who bring children to what some consider “family entertainment.” Vick addressed congress on this issue.

While it was difficult to listen to Vick and Pacelle, I listened to the entire thing (8 minutes). However, I’m glad I listened because it got interesting when the questions turned to Pacelle’s meeting with Vick while he was serving his sentence in federal prison, and the two of them conjured up the scheme that would allow Vick to “be used as a tool” in the war against dog fighting.

When speaking of his partnership with the HSUS, Vick stated: “I didn’t have to do this…I could have served the whole 4 years.” BINGO!! In essence, that one statement sums up Vick’s attitude toward the entire ordeal. If he was truly sorry, would he not have said something to the extent of “this was the only way I could make up for my actions,” or “I felt compelled to teach others not to follow in my footsteps.” But, no! Vick’s reasons for teaming up with the HSUS were self serving. He was looking for the fastest way to get out of jail and get back on the football field, and start raking in the money, and that’s exactly what happened.

Yes, Vick served his time and he was punished by the criminal justice system. But he is a felon with complete disregard for his actions and those he hurt. Why do we allow him to be glorified on the football field and be idolized by children?

In the same interview, Vick stated that he wanted to be remembered as “a great man.” Those interested in the highest score and number of touchdowns will certainly put him there, and some already have. But for those of us who have morals, he is a narcissist – violent and self absorbed – and that’s how he will be remembered.

The truth is, Vick and the HSUS make a good partnership. Neither one had any regard for the lives of those innocent dogs found on Vick’s Virginia property in 2007, and both tried to destroy them all.


3 responses to “Vick addresses Congress on dogfighting

  1. Keep spreading the Truth about them both-There are those that will disagree, there are those that will not listen, there are those that believe he has done his time, there are those that say he paid for his crimes, and then there are those that will Never Forget or Forgive! It is those that will stand up and continue to speak for those that were horrifically and needlessly murdered!

  2. Tell it like it is ! Truth rules.

  3. preach it sister!

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