UPDATE: Charles County, Maryland

Thanks to Kirstyn Northrop Cobb and EVERYONE who attended the work session in Charles County, MD on Tuesday, July 26. The fight may not be over, but WOW did they make an impact today!

Great report from Kirstyn who attended the work session:

I feel as though the session went very well! Just over 80 people showed up. They acknowledged that hundreds of letters were sent in in protest. There was not enough time for everyone to speak so they plan to continue it tomorrow and vote in September. You could see the surprise in the faces of the people who wrote it up. They were shocked that in only 5 days, word could spread so quickly and so many would come out against it. You could just see the shock. So nothing is finalized either way, yet, but I have a better feeling now than I did over the weekend.

Even if you’re too far away to attend a council meeting, if you’ve ever thought that your one letter or one e-mail doesn’t matter, let this be proof of what people can accomplish when they come together for a very important cause.


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