Anti-Pit Bull Rally in Seattle, WA

Thanks to Faith for the heads up on this!

An anti-pit bull rally is scheduled for Sept. 1, 2011 at Westlake Park in Seattle, Washington

The group Families and Dogs against Fighting Breeds is holding a “Protect Pets in Parks Rally”

The rally is specifically to show support for creating new restrictions against bringing “fighting breeds” of dogs, identified by the group as “pit bulls,” into public parks.

The director of the group says that Seattle Councilmember Tom Rasmussen has told her that he’s interested in the idea and that if she can “show public support,” then he’ll get behind her effort.

There will be a number of speakers at this event, including victims of dog attacks.


16 responses to “Anti-Pit Bull Rally in Seattle, WA

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  2. Actually the only dog I have been attacked or bitten by aggressively was a chihuahua.
    That too was the owner’s fault and she did not really care that her dog ran lose and bit everyone that passed her house. So in no way is it a breed thing it is an owner thing

  3. BSL doesn”t work and just targets innocent dogs.

  4. I’m of two minds here. Being a bully breed owner and advocate I do not believe in ANY type of BSL as it doesn’t solve the problem of irresponsible owners not controlling their dog (of any breed). It would be nice if people like this group could understand that Human Aggression and Dog Aggression are not the same. Any dog that attacks/bites a human should be put down in my opinion.

    Along with that, though, I do not feel that any bully breed belongs in a dog park. While there are many bullies that do just fine around other dogs it just isn’t smart to take a fighting breed into a group of dogs that they don’t know and that are totally uncontrolled (and mostly owned by people who pay no attention to what their dog is doing let alone it’s body language). You wouldn’t take a hunting dog and let him loose with your chickens; why do people think it’s a good idea to let a bully breed loose with a bunch of random dogs?

    Dog aggression in these dogs is genetic. It doesn’t matter how they are raised or how much you have them around other dogs. There is a good chance that with maturity will come some amount of dog aggression. My SBT mix was fine with all other dogs until he was just about 3 years old. At that time he decided that there are some dogs he just doesn’t get along with and because of that he gets limited contact with other dogs. He’s perfectly happy and doesn’t NEED other dogs. Most bully breeds are happier to spend time with you than other dogs. Give them that and stay out of the dog parks. It’s not IF your dog starts a fight – it is what will happen to all of us when they finish it.

  5. Oh, gosh. I just re-read the blog and now understand it to mean public parks, period. What a bunch of hooey. Good luck with that FDFB.

  6. Having said the above, I have become very leery of dog parks. Too many clueless owners that do not understand dog interactions at all and too many owners who simply should not bring their dog(s) to the dog park. I’ve seen pretty much every breed and mix have issues and in the past I’ve spent hundreds of hours at the dog park. After the two incidents in the past year, I choose not to go (the dog that was jumped is my registered therapy dog — can’t have bite marks on her!), but that doesn’t mean that certain breeds should be banned.

    A solution for this group would be to purchase property, form their own dog park club and make their own rules as to who can attend. We all pay taxes for the public dog parks, right? I really feel this is just another propaganda move on the part of this group and its affiliates. If they really cared about their pets, they would institute rules for all dogs that act in an aggressive manner, not just ban ones that may never have a problem. A dog in my local area (Bellingham) was almost killed by another large breed dog at a favorite dog park, but it was not a pit bull or anything resembling a pit bull.

  7. Sounds like’s subsidiary doing its best to rattle people’s cages. Too bad they don’t have many (any?) experts that support the falsehoods they spew on their two websites. Dr. Jim Ha has essentially stated they are full of hot air. So how would a ban on pit bulls protect my female who had a chunk taken out of her by a husky and was jumped another time by a St. Bernard? Oh, I get it, if my dog wasn’t allowed at the park then those two “bullies” would have to pick on the labs and goldens.

  8. Can I go, I was bitten by an Akita & Great Dane in my life.

  9. I have groomed dogs and worked in kennels for years and there are no “bad breeds or bad dogs”, it’s the owners. I have been bitten and attacked by different breeds but never a pit bull. Did you know that pits are called the nanny dog because of their protective nature with children? They are also one of the most loyal dogs and that is why they fight them. Pit bulls do not have a lock jaw either, that is false. There are many breeds who have a high “prey drive” and can be ANIMAL AGGRESSIVE but why focus on one specific breed? It’s not just one breed so to target one is to show a high level of ignorance and that you are misinformed. Please educate yourself on animal aggressive breeds before targeting and picking on one. Why is it that people need to have so much control? The world is always going to be chaotic and just because you were bitten or attacked, did you ever think to go the source and stop dogfighting. Get some petitions signed and stop animal aggression and abuse first. If you are that insecure walking your cockapoo or yorkie (I also have a yorkie) then maybe work or educating yourself on how to read another dogs body language and steer clear of owners who have dogs that display animal aggression. Only here in America would you have a rally like this when things are falling apart. Lets not address the source here but spend forever treating the symptoms…good luck with all that.

  10. I have personally been harassed by so many little dogs while walking my Rottie and Shepherd that yes they will puff up and grumble. The difference is my dogs are always under my control and on leash. The other dogs have to come to us to make the trouble. Leave the good dogs with their good owners!

  11. This is daft. It’s not about the type of dog at all, it’s all the owners responsibility. You can’t blame a dog breed for being violent, it’s stereotyping a dog breed. I do feel for the people who got attacked and indeed killed from being mauled by dogs, but it’s not the fault of the dog, again it’s the owner.

  12. Anybody who supports this is a stereotyping, close minded, bully. Your picking on a dog for god’s sake, your time would be better spent fighting for harsher punishment for the bad dog owners.

  13. AnnMarie Mulkey

    there are no bad dogs… but bad owners that should be held accountable for their actions or lack of….

  14. Can I go, a German Shephard attacked me….

  15. heather ann reeser

    hey insteed of killing innocent pit bulls why dont you start holding the bad guys more acountable for giving these wonderful dogs a bad rapp its the people not the dogs any dog can be aggressive not just the pit bull start holding people more acountable and we wouldent need these ixpensive unnessary breed bans lets start banning the people not the dogs

  16. Think it needs to be brought to there attention that all dog breeds fight and all can attack its not just “pit bulls” when it comes to things like this i want to bring them all to my house and many other people around me that don’t have aggressive dogs(pit bulls). My too girls love kids they also help me when I fall or get hurt. My 4 year old (angel) has gone as far as bringing me the phone. Now i am sorry that people don’t think these dogs like this breed or for that matter anything that looks like one. I am scared to death of small dogs that are around where I live. I have gotten attacked by two of them that run free, however if that was my two the would have been taken from me, leash law over here it seems like it only apply s bigger dogs. But the small dogs get free rain everywhere.

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