BSL ALERT: Tupelo, Mississippi

The city of Tupelo, Mississippi plans to introduce an ordinance in the coming weeks that would regulate the ownership of pit bulls, rottweilers, German shepherds and Doberman pinschers.

While the director of the Tupelo-Lee Humane Society, Debbie Hood, claims in the below article that she believes irresponsible owners are the problem, in a separate article published on September 19, 2011, we learn that not only does she support BSL but, in fact, has been working with city officials in crafting the breed specific ordinance.

Please send your POLITE, RESPECTFUL and INFORMATIVE letters in opposition to the Tupelo city officials listed below. Please also include suggestions and viable alternatives for their consideration. The council meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month. Agendas can be found at this link;

City of Tupelo
City Hall
71 East Troy Street
Tupelo, MS 38804

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1485
Tupelo, MS 38802-1485

Phone: 662-841-6513

Mayor Jack Reed Jr.

Markel Whittington

Fred Pitts

James (Jim) Newell

Nettie Davis

Jonny Davis

Mike Bryan

Willie Jennings

There is also an online contact form:

Tupelo is looking at mean-dog ordinance
By EMILY LE COZ – Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal
Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal

TUPELO — Large-breed dogs with dangerous reputations could come under stricter control if a proposed ordinance passes the City Council.

A group of municipal leaders and other stakeholders who have studied the issue will recommend the measure within the next few weeks. It aims to reduce hundreds of monthly calls about aggressive dogs — especially pit bulls — and prevent future attacks.

But some animal advocates blast the measure for unfairly targeting specific breeds, saying it punishes responsible pet owners whose dogs have done nothing wrong. They want an ordinance against aggressive animals without identifying pedigree.

“Unfortunately, you need a first-bite incident to say that’s a dangerous dog,” said Tupelo veterinarian Stephen King, who opposes breed-specific legislation. “On the flip side, if you do a breed specific, you’ve penalized responsible dog owners of that type of breed who show no aggression or dangerous behavior.”

Dogs, from pit bulls to teacup poodles, are only as aggressive as their owners allow, he said.

Those in favor of the ordinance agree with King about owner-induced aggression but argue that Tupelo’s specific pit-bull problem can’t be ignored. The bloodline has a history of violent behavior perpetuated by some of the owners who typically choose this type of pet, said Tupelo-Lee Humane Society Debbie Hood.

“I blame the irresponsible owners of these pit bulls for the ordinances to come down on the other, responsible owners,” Hood said. “We agree it should be a dangerous dog ordinance, but the city doesn’t want to wait until a dog is deemed dangerous.”

Hood said the animal shelter fields about 200 calls a month, and the vast majority involve errant and aggressive pit bulls.

In addition to pit bulls, other breeds could be singled out in the proposal, said the subcommittee’s chairman, Ward 5 City Councilman Jonny Davis. He wants to recommend mandatory registration and annual permit fees for owners of Rottweilers, German Shepherds and Doberman Pinschers, too.


34 responses to “BSL ALERT: Tupelo, Mississippi


  2. dont ban these animals it the people that train them to be mean that should live a life behind bars. we raised german shepards when i was growing up and NOT A SINGLE ONE of them were mean or aggessive . If a child is mean and aggressive are you gonna make the parents pay a huge insurance policy and fines, or ban all children and kids in town? i think not!!! why ban these animals what the hell is wrong with u all???? you need to be after the animal abusers not the animals!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. I love pit-bulls, we have 2 and they are just the friendliest, loving babies. Sure if they are not taken care of correctly, and given discipline and attention, a pit-bull can have moments or anger, but then so can ANY dog. My boyfriend was bit by a chihuahua that chased him up our walk. My friends little terrier tore his owners lip….those are not pits, dobermans, rots, or any other listed “dangerous” animal. Please re-think banning on breads.

  5. I think you need to focus on the real problem which is puppy mills and illegal dog fighting and leave people PETS alone! There can be leash laws and other ordinances put in place that pet owners must abide by and fined if they don’t follow. To pick out a particular bread of dog just because they frighten you is WRONG and lazy. Each dog has its own personality and temperament and should be treated as such.

  6. My dad had a Rottweiler and he was one of the most loyal family members possible. He was definitely my dad’s dog. He never made any move to harm you unless you made a threatening gesture toward my dad or got between them and blocked his access to my dad. Then you DID have to watch out. It wasn’t that he was a vicious animal or his type of breed – he just loved my dad and didn’t want anything to happen to him. We always warned people beforehand and never had any trouble.

  7. Nothing surprises me anymore but to blame the animals before you blame the people is just unbelievable. These animals don’t ask to be born. You should be coming a with a law to prevent irresponsible people from adopting/breeding animals first. The suffering that all animals endure on a daily basis is enough to break your heart. Wake up World!!!!!

  8. I agree with this act but I dont.. I don’t agree with the dog suffering but until you change the mindset of everyone things will never change. I am tired of seeing dead dogs in the road because people decide to “not put them on a leash” and let them run. I have 3 dogs that were all strays and their owners do not live on this road anymore and they left their dog and moved. All because their mindset is “its just a dawg”. No its not just a “dawg” So maybe if we “‘Register” these dogs-all dogs- like you would a vehicle there wont be so many stray dogs in shelters, maybe there wont be soo many dogs that run wild everywhere, MAYBE people would actually have to start taking responsibility with their dogs. And yes they should be fined and penalized when their dog is running lose and it has gone days without food and water. BECAUSE THATS INHUMANE. People should start treating and taking care of their animals like you would a baby or a child. All this reproducing and animal abuse NEEDS to stop. All these dogs running lose because the owner ditches them in a highway hoping they would get hit but luckily the dog is smart enough to stay out of the road and it now lives outside year round looking for food and water-whats right about that? Why isnt the person who drops their dog off on the side of the road to get hit simply because they are moving and cant afford to feed it? Or they cant take their dog there? Whats humane about that?? I moved from down south with 2 cats and told myself where I go they go. If they cant go I dont go. Not everyone has the “good” mindset of taking care of their animals like most people. Therefore, making that animal suffer.. its so sickening and so heartbreaking to me. I have rescued 12 animals. Im all done. Any more I get now yes I take them to a shelter where I believe they try to find good homes but not every home is a home that you or me would provide. And sometimes having them put down to be with God is the best choice. Because you dont know that “new owner” is going to provide a good home full of love and attention and food and water… So yes making laws may be the only answer.

  9. This is sad. I am a proud pit bull mother of 6 very sweet babies. We as bull dog owners need to fight this, no matter if you live in tupelo or not. I thought America was suppose to be free

  10. this crap needs to stop thing u kno they will sort out people the same dam way..If the animal is raised right,love, caring, the same with people ..this is unconstitutional what happened to freedom??? Now the dam politicians tell us what dogs we r aloud ???? Shame on them…

  11. why are people so stupid it’s what you make of any dog pit, fiest ect. why would any normal person want to kill any dog ,i pick up a pit someone drop off and i just got out of my truck i did not know if this dog was gonna bite or not i sat down on the ground and he came up to me trying to kiss me they are sweet dog it’s how you treat one .please stop the killing of any animal.

  12. I am the PROUD owner of a pit bull named ace I have had him since he was six weeks old & never has he shown any aggression toward any one! I have 2 grown children & 5 Grandchildren all under the age of 5 and they do every thing to ace and never one time has he acted like he has wanted to hurt one of them. I do believe it is the way people handle them when they are raising them! I dont think the dog should be punished, the owner should they are their master and should have control over what they do!!! I dont think it is fair to punish a helpless animal when it is the human’s that should be held resposible! It is ashame these people want to in force a law when they have probably never owned any breed they are wanting to declare dangerous! I would not take any thing for my pit he is awesome and a joy to our family! He is a member of our FAMILY & always will be!☺

  13. Enough government in our lives already. Owners are the blame for most of the incidents involving bit bulls, and other breeds you mentioned with regard to being dangerous. It is the owners who are dangerous. Any breed can be made nasty. I have seen a part pit bull be attacked by little dogs from my neighborhood and he just ignores them. That is how smart and gentle they are. Next government will be telling us when we can eat, poop, and sleep. Stop already. You people need to get a life.

  14. You should not kill any animal because of its breed. They can not help what kind of dog they are, and not all of those breeds are dangerous, if you love your pet and don’t abuse them, it doesn’t matter what kind it is. Killing doesn’t solve the problem it creates more. How about people killing people because to their certain beliefs, religion, or breed that they are. What you are doing is wrong, and I hope you realize this soon, before you become very hated for being stupid, and not thinking

  15. I suppose that since my husky/sheppard mix and rot/doberman mix that are AFRAID of my cats make them dangerous too huh? WHATEVER. you know what they do when someone they dontt know come around? they rolll over or you to pet their belly.

  16. think a Humane Society would do this.So if my dog Onyx and I lived in Mississippi,and he growled at the next person that walks by(which is what dogs do!!)your going to send one of your fake pound cars to take him away?Absolutely ridiculous!!!!

  17. I’d rather see them pass laws that support the spayed & nutering of animals, & making the laws tougher on puppy mills. This is so unfair, about as unfair as banding pet ferrets in Ca, NYC .They should be going after the abusers of these dogs rather then their breed.

  18. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. Same theory here. Why not make stronger laws against animal abuse and dog fighting? It’s the evils that people do need to be stopped. These breeds get these reputations because they are the dogs that people fight. Control your people. Control the problems they produce. Instead you think placing an inhumane death sentence on innocent animals is going to change the evil that your ignorant, inbred monsters do. Wake up and smell the blood. It’s on your hands and it’s on theirs too.

  19. Any well educated intelligent person knows not to tag any breed as dangerous. The people who own them are to blame. If treated fair and with love, they give that back. Any breed can become dangerous if mistreated or neglected. Look at the Michael Vick dogs. How many of them were saved and proved it’s not the breed? Stronger laws for animal abuse and neglect is what is needed. Jail time for dog fighting, abuse or neglect is needed. Higher fines and banning these people are things to be bring to legislation, not breed specific legislation.

  20. have you ever asked yourself why dogs are attacking? a good enviroment and responsible owners breed good dogs…irresponsible owners breed problems….dogs are just like children….if you teach them coreectly they will act correctly…if you teach them aggressiveness they will act accordingly….dog want to please their owners…just like children want to please their parents…love and praise…both human and cainine thrive on this….make owners responsible for their actions and hold them accountable!!!

  21. Hold the owner responsible or you will always have a dangerous breed on your hands as the idiots will bring in other breeds to torment and make vicious…end the problem where it begins…WITH THE PEOPLE!

  22. Lets treat u like an out sider n miss treat u n take your rights away because we dnt like ur race or the way u were raised. Lets but laws that limits where u can live n ur loved ones can do nothing but watch. I have two red noise pitbulls n they are the best dogs i have. They are people friendly n dog friendly n how did i manage that by loving them n babying them. I didnt train them thier narturally amazing dogs.

  23. this is so unbelievable. what next?

  24. This is sad and heartbreaking. The owners with problem dogs should be the one punished, not the animal! Its not their fault how they are raised or treated! Pits are a very misunderstood breed and movies and the idiots raising them to fight are what has given them such a bad name. I don’t understand how these breeds can be picked out. Shame on you! These dogs just need responsible owners who know how to take care of them. I have had many pits and have even rescued them and they can be great dogs if treated right. I think no matter the breed, whether it be a pit or a shitzu, if your mean to it and neglect it, its gonna eventually protect itself. OWNERS SHOULD NE MORE RESPONSIBLE AND HELD RESPONSIBLE!

  25. Brigitte Weintraub

    How do we stop this I have donated many times to Humane Society. I’m going to have to rethink this. I own a Rottweiler and he is the most friendly loving dog he was rescue dog as all of my dogs have been.

  26. What a silly proposal. I have a German Shepherd that is a sweetheart. She is not aggressive at all. Dogs are NOT born aggressive, they are raised that way be ignorant owners. We live in a nation that once segregated people by color. Now this city wants to do the same or worse to dogs based on breed. Same on Jonny Davis and anyone else who supports this. Where will it end?

  27. OK for one this is one dumb ass law and should not be passed a dog acts the way it dose cause how the owner brings it up from puppy hood and i bet the people making this law has never even owned a pit bull in there life so how in the hell do you know how they act you only go by. Wat people say about them what about the people who have owned them and say they are the most wounder full breed i have ever owned don’t they have a say in this matter? And if i am not mistaken German shepherds are used in a lot of different things that help people like police search and rescue so they are punished for doing good and helping people that is just wrong any dog can attack a human or another animal. It is only the owners fault on wat there dog dose or how it acts

  28. I do not agree with hood I frankly have pitbull mix and he is a big baby. Would we do this to our kids? NO so why do it to our four legged friends?

  29. I own a Doberman and have had them my whole life, I miss the ones I’ve had and love the one I do have and they are and were nothing but loyal sweet dogs. Dogs no matter what breed are not born mean people make them mean and its the people who do that who should be punished not the animal.

  30. a lot of people didn’t care when it was just pits….well what do you know…tupelo is banning German Shepards (you know those dogs that have been loving family members forever) Dobermans, Rottweilers whats next and if they use the law to expand as far as it can be expanded if you have a shepard puppy mix get ready to register as a vicious dog and pay 4 times in much for house, property and liability…when are they going to get that dog fighters and puppy mills don’t usua;lly buy liability insurance to start with? Great lets’s fill the pounds with every dog that has pit/rottie/shepard/dobie in it anywhere and shoot them or just gas them like what almost happened to our newest animal family member. To be gassed in a poorly make-shift gas chamber where they had to be gassed several times before they all died. Good God what is wrong with the freaking government!!!!!!!!!!!! Next they will pick children by the color of their skin and where they are raised and jail them “just in case” If you sit idly by and let this happen to animals how can you ever stop anything more when it happens to us.

  31. These dogs or any other dog is not mean or dangerous by nature, its people who do this to these dogs. When the law makers put animal abusers and fighters in prison where they belong it will stop but as long as they are allowed to continue abusing and fighting dogs, the dogs will continue to endure abuse and punishment that they don’t deserve!

  32. This is just ridiculous. Seriously blaming animals for what people do. If say a teenager in the local area is misbehaving should you ban them all? Your trying to take away these animals who are like children to responsible pet owners. It just shows how ignorant you are. -_-

    • By the way this was not directed to the auther it was directed to the person trying to ban them.

    • This is a very mean and hateful law that ignorant law makers are imposing on the american people…Why don’t you try to focus your attention on the massive drug abuse that is killing our youth by so called pain clinics giving out narcotics like its candy instead of trying to take innocent animals away from their families…How would you feel if someone came into your home and told you that you could not keep one of your kids because they might hurt someone some day, that is exactly what this law is about…You are taking away beloved pets because they might hurt someone someday….Humans do more killing, torturing and cause more pain than any animal ever would….We are becoming a communist society and people such as yourself are helping it grow day by day…..Shame on you!!!

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