Residents of Waterloo, Iowa: Take an active role in your community

A resident of Waterloo, Iowa has requested the city council revise its animal control ordinance in the wake of a dog-on-dog attack. One of the requested revisions is a ban on “pit bulls” in the city limits.

Mayor Buck Clark has indicated he would ask the council to review the ordinance to determine whether they felt changes to the current ordinance were needed.

The city’s animal control ordinance received a major overhaul in the spring of 2008. In addition, council members had discussed the possibly of banning certain breeds of dogs in 2008, but dropped those plans before they ever came up for a vote.

A formal proposal has not been put before the city council, and I am not issuing an alert at this time. However, it is extremely important for Waterloo residents to open the lines of communications with their city officials to discuss this issue and offer suggestions and input. Now is the time to take an active role in your community and work with the council in an effort to ensure your community stays BSL-free


3 responses to “Residents of Waterloo, Iowa: Take an active role in your community

  1. punish the deed not the breed bsl is wrong that would be the same as punishing someone for the color of there skin

  2. Come on people! Do your research! American Staffordshire Terriers or as you call them “pit bulls” are not at the top of the list for bites! Any and all breeds of dogs can be aggressive! I am so tired of naive people being the ones to speak out! Educate yourself about the breed and do some research on the statistics regarding dog bites!!

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