Oct. 2: Bless the Bullys honors…

Today’s nominee is a hard working blogger with a heart for pit bulls. Maggie Marton, the writer behind Oh My Dog!, was nominated by her very proud husband, John, but I know there are many, many others who echo his sentiments and appreciate all her efforts on behalf of our canine companions, and especially her devotion to pit bulls and her desire to change their undeserved image:

I would like to nominate Maggie Marton (www.ohmydogblog.com) for your shout out during Pit Bull Awareness Month. Maggie’s blog explores all avenues of the human-canine bond, but she has a special affinity for pit bulls and all bully breed mixes. We (yes, she’s my wife!) have two pit mixes, one of which (Emmett) is a certified therapy dog through the Delta Society. Through her blog, Maggie shows how special these dogs truly are, not just in the exceptional ways (i.e., therapy dogs, police dogs, etc.) but also in everyday life. She has a section on her blog called Positively Pit Bull where she showcases a reader’s pit bull and their touching story. She focuses on how all dogs, especially the bulls, can enhance our lives in so many ways. She’s on the Board of Directors for the Monroe County Humane Association so she can have a stronger voice for all dogs, particularly the most misunderstood breed of them all. Last summer, she organized a post card campaign to Mayor Hickenlooper of Denver, CO to repeal BSL. Through her blog, she was able to gather over 1,500 post cards to mail directly to the Mayor’s office.

Not only does her blog provide fun, humorous stories about dogs, she also takes the time to discuss the importance of understanding pit bulls, and treating them with the respect that they deserve. Maggie realizes education is the key to changing the public’s perception about these dogs, and her blog is the perfect way to spread the good word!

On behalf of Bless the Bullys and the National Pit Bull Awareness Campaign, thank you, Maggie! Keep up the great work!

Previous nominees:
October 1: Jean Keating


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