Oct. 4: Bless the Bullys honors…

Tonight we honor the memory of Caleb Haggerty, and his love for all creatures, especially pit bulls. Caleb was nominated by Shavonn Viddaurri.

Caleb Haggerty was the son of the owner’s of the animal clinic here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This boy was a shining light to all people and animals, and he understood the bad rap that the bully breeds get. His death was so tragic, and is still keenly felt as we find ways to continue to honor his passion for Pit Bulls. His birthday is in October, and I find it so fitting that this first annual pit bull awareness month is, too.

Caleb had an ever-present love for his family, friends, and animals. Caleb was hoping to be a veterinarian like his dad. He had a tender heart for all those he loved, including his pit bull “Chip” and Pekinese “Ace”.

I did not know Caleb, but it is obvious in his sixteen years, he touched the hearts of all those around him. Marina Animal Clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma has designated October as Caleb Haggerty Pit Bull Appreciation Month. What a beautiful sentiment on the part of his family to pay tribute to him and his love for animals, especially his love pit bulls. Though their hearts are heavy, they are sharing Caleb’s devotion to pit bulls with their community, and by doing so, ensuring that love and his legacy are with us always.

May his family find peace and comfort in all their memories of this obviously very special young man with a heart brimming with love for all creatures, even those with a bad rap.

You can find a short video on Caleb Haggerty Pit Bull Appreciation Month here.

Previous Nominees:
Oct 1: Jean Keating
Oct 2: Maggie Marton
Oct 3: LeeAnn O’Reily


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