Bless the Bullys

In honor of National Pit Bull Awareness Month, I will be sharing some poems written by Chris Jackson of East Tennessee Pit Bull Rescue. Chris is a gifted young man, with a true heart for the bullys, and I think the world of his family – not only for all they do for pit bulls, but for the love and support they have always shown me.

Chris was kind enough to write a poem in the namesake of my rescue, Bless the Bullys, but its not just for me…its for anyone who has been inspired by a pit bull to make a difference and bring about change for these incredible dogs.

Thank you, Chris!

Bless the Bullys
Bless the Bullys, for they are a breed that is highly misunderstood
Let the people stand together and fight for the greater good
Families have opened their arms to these big lugs
Rescuers have given their lives to nothing but Bully hugs

Father, Bless the Bullys who have been placed in a pit to fight for their life
Give them peace and end their emotional grief, and their strife
Allow the people responsible for this cruelty to be punished for their deeds
Give these angels intervention, and let people address their needs

Lord, Bless the Bullys who have been killed out of intolerance and fear
For discrimination in any manner is wrong, allow them to open an ear
Let them see that our dogs are our family, and we will never conform or move
For we love our companions, and we truly have a lot that we can prove

Bless the Bullys who have blessed the lives of children all over the world
For Bullys know love to all, young, old, man, woman, boy, and girl
Let the children grow up to know that these dogs are truly the definition of love
And let them see that Bullys are a blessing from you, they come from above

Bless the Bullys for they are also our angels in disguise
They have spoken to our hearts, changing our lives
Heroes in fur, or a four legged wonder
A mystery of love, you can’t help but ponder

Bless the Bullys who were never given the chance to know love
For we know that you hold your hand out to these animals like we do a dove
Do not let their death be one that was done in vain
Use them to save the world, and show them its not a game

Bless the Bullys that come in and out of this life, and touch the heart
For only with our intervention, can the message truly start
Bless the Bullys in all that we may have them do
For they are angels, sent to us, from you

~Chris Jackson~
The Genesis Project


One response to “Bless the Bullys

  1. Beautiful!!

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