Beyond the Myth Cookeville, TN screening

We had a great night Sunday when Libby Sherrill brought her documentary, Beyond the Myth, to Cookeville, TN for its premier screening. I have seen the film three times now, and each time, Libby seems to outdo herself. I cannot stress enough just how much time, effort and heart Libby continues to pour into her documentary in order to keep it updated, thought provoking and meaningful.

I was thrilled that Donna and Rick Herbert, the directors of our local shelter, attended the screening demonstrating what I already knew…their love and dedication for the breed. And I’m always happy to see my wonderful friends from East Tennessee Pit Bull Rescue, Kimber Cleveland the beautiful voice behind ‘Strong for You’, and local and new friends, as well! Everyone who attended was moved, many to tears, and all agreed it is definitely a must see film.

Hector with one of his adoring! One of the highlights of the night for everyone was a very special guest, former Vick dog, Hector! He was there with his new mom and dad, Roo and Clara Yori, and Hector was photographed many times with his adoring fans. As if that isn’t enough, Roo and Clara are also mom and dad of Wallace, the champion disk dog, and Wallace was there, too! I so appreciate the Yori family visiting Cookeville, and had an awesome time hanging out and getting to know them after the show.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to see Beyond the Myth, please check out the Beyond the Myth website for upcoming screenings. Its a film that gets to the heart of breed specific legislation and the families affected by it, and I highly recommend catching it if you get the chance…you will not be disappointed.

Roo & Clara Yori, Libby Sherrill, and me


One response to “Beyond the Myth Cookeville, TN screening

  1. Michelle Gilliam

    I have been begging for help in locating a pitbull rescue or shelter in or around north alabama. I have not heard of any, PLEASE HELP ME….

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