BSL ALERT: Mission Hills, Kansas (rottweilers)

We’ve got a bit of an interesting trend going this week. News articles out of Merrillville, Indiana; Pawtucket, Rhone Island, and now Mission Hills, Kansas all illustrating very clearly that breed specific legislation does not work. All three cities have breed specific laws, and reports out of all three cities clearly indicate that ignoring the root of the problem, irresponsible dog owners, results in an ineffective and useless ordinance.

Rather than confront the issue of “problem dog owners,” Merrillville and Mission Hills want to add more BSL to that which is already in place. The domino effect illustrated perfectly. What breed is next?

How unfortunate that officials in these cities don’t recognize the opportunity they have to craft effective ordinances that hold irresponsible dog owners accountable and actually make their communities safer. Instead, their solution is to add additional breeds to the ordinances in place which are obviously being ignored by the very people who should be targeted. The truth is right in front of them, yet they choose to wear blinders, they choose to continue to focus on the wrong end of the leash.

With respect to Mission Hills, Kansas, city officials are considering banning rottweilers after a recent attack. The city already bans pit bulls. Please send your POLITE, RESPECTFUL and INFORMATIVE letters in opposition to the city officials listed below.

City contact form:

6300 State Line Road
Mission Hills, Kansas 66208
Phone: 913-362-9620 • Fax: 913-362-0673

Kansas community consider banning certain breed of dog

MISSION HILLS, Kansas – City leaders are trying to ban one type of dog out of their area.

Mission Hills City Administrator Courtney Christensen is considering banning people from owning Rottweiler’s.

Christensen tells NBC Action News to reexamine its domestic animals regulations after a person was recently attacked by a dog in Mission Hills.

Pit Bulls are already banned.

“It’s a serious issue. You know, the safety of public is. People are getting more and more dogs. We’re selling more and more special animal permits which means they are having more than two dogs in their home. And we just want to make sure we are keeping community as safe as possible,” said Courtney Christensen, Mission Hills City Administrator.

The city council is expected to vote on the ban within the next few months.


One response to “BSL ALERT: Mission Hills, Kansas (rottweilers)

  1. Can we please…for once…hold the OWNER accountable for the problems that exist!We as Pet owners are the ones who help make an animal social or unsocial.If one owns a dog which is less social,it is the OWNERS responsibility to contain this Pet and make it safe for everyone in the streets.If my dog got out and hurt someone,I would EXPECT to have to deal with the consequence of it!So,lets stop blaming the animals!

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