New development out of Mission Hills, KS boggles the mind

Being familiar with the Mission Hills area, something about this morning’s alert didn’t sit well with Kim Krohn, so she put her sleuthing skills to work. She found an article out of the Prairie Village Post that just boggles the mind.

It is true, there was a dog attack in Mission Hills, but it DID NOT involve a rottweiler. And while that attack sparked the animal control issue being brought to the table, it was not to address the dog (or dog owner) involved in that attack. Instead, the proposal to ban rottweilers was suggested by Councilman Roy Farchmin based on his assertion that rottweilers are generally considered the second most dangerous dog breed after pit bulls. And for no other reason than the statements of Councilman Farchmin, the council has taken the matter under consideration. Certainly makes you wonder what Councilman Farchmin considers to be the third most dangerous breed? What about the fourth most dangerous? And the biggest question of all…why was the dog involved in the attack not at any point an issue of the council’s discussion?

Thanks to Kim for digging deeper into this issue, and finding the article that is attached below.

The Mission Hills city council is considering banning residents from owning Rottweilers.

The move comes after a recent incident in which a dog attacked a person within the city limits, prompting an reexamination of the city’s domestic animals regulations. During discussion of proposed amendments to the regulations at the council’s September meeting, councilman Roy Farchmin suggested the city consider adding Rottweilers to its ban list, since they are “generally considered the second most dangerous dog breed after Pit Bulls,” according to minutes from the meeting. The dog involved in the most recent attack incident was not a Rottweiler, said Mission Hills city clerk Jill Clifton.

The city already bans pit bulls, as do Prairie Village, Fairway and Overland Park. Overland Park also explicitly bans wolf-dog hybrids (“Tundra Shepherds”), but no local municipalities currently ban Rottweilers by name.

Of all dogs currently registered in Mission Hills, only one Rottweiler mix is listed. Clifton said whether that dog would be subject to any ordinance changes remains to be seen.

“The council has instructed staff to do more research on the issue,” she said. The council will likely vote on the issue in November or December.

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