Oct. 13: Bless the Bullys honors…

Sophia Selzo nominated today’s honoree for National Pit Bull Awareness Month – Merry Young of Braveheart Rescue.

I would like to nominate Merry Young of Braveheart Pit Bull Rescue in Lakeville, MA, as an outstanding person who dedicates her life to saving these wonderful dogs and trying to educate the public on them as well.

Merry works full-time as a nurse and yet still manages to work full-time as a rescue. She opened her house to these magnificent animals in order to find forever homes for them. She’s always running an event to promote public awareness as well as trying to show off her pups in the hopes of finding that perfect home. I adopted my Nero from her almost 6 years ago…Merry found him in North Carolina…he had been severly abused, set on fire, shot in the stomach, the list goes on and on. She took him and brought him to her home. When I saw him online, I knew that he belonged with me. He has the best personality and is so happy to have been saved…truly a wonderful dog who loves everyone. He knows he was saved and appreciates every day!

I commend Merry for the work that she does…I wish there were more like her!

I couldn’t agree more, Sophia! Merry is one of the first people I met in pit bull rescue, and she has always been there with advice and support. Though she is far away, I had the good fortune of meeting Merry and her husband Gary, and I’m so thankful that she got the chance to meet my inspiration, Tiffin. She is definitely an awesome lady with a heart of solid gold for pit bulls.

On behalf of Bless the Bullys and the National Pit Bull Awareness Campaign, thank you Merry, for all that you do!


One response to “Oct. 13: Bless the Bullys honors…

  1. Thank you, Sophia, for nominating our “Mumma Merry”…our “Fairy Pawmother”. Merry took in my Tobey (originally Buster) from AK; he was found in a meth lab cupboard, during a raid, when he was just a baby. He was then held in state custody until the court case was over. Anyone who knows Tobey personally, or has heard his stories over the years, will attest that this strong, athletic, stubborn boy has never been an easy sell! It is because of Merry that he was given a chance &, if not for her, he would not have had the opportunity to live a happy & full life & I would not have had the chance to fall in love.

    Since adopting Tobey seven years ago, Merry has been there for every question, every tear, every smile… with wisdom, kindness & an incredible sense of humor. Tobey & I have fostered Braveheart rescues for the past six years & have added two more permanent, furry members to our pack along the way – Bubba & Cricket. I cannot imagine my life without these guys…or imagine their lives if Merry & Gary did not exist.

    Merry, if I don’t tell you often enough: thank you for your incredible selflessness, determination & dedication. Thank you for mentoring me & teaching me so much about the breed that we love. Thank you for being a part of our lives & a such a wonderful friend. We love & appreciate you so much.

    ~ Rachel, Jaime, Tobey, Bubba, Cricket, Kaylee & Stacia

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