New Mexico Senator wants harsher law for pit bull owners

New Mexico State Senator Sue Wilson Beffort is reportedly pushing for harsher penalities for “pit bull” and “pit bull mix” owners. As of right now, no such bill is listed on the New Mexico legislature’s website, nor is any such bill linked to Senator Beffort as a bill she is sponsoring.

As such, New Mexico residents are encouraged to reach out to Senator Wilson Beffort and voice their opposition to any such bill being brought to the floor. Please limit your polite, respectful, and informative correspondence to Senator Wilson Beffort only as we do not know at this time if a bill is forthcoming. Should the bill actually be presented on the Senate floor, we will advise you of the steps to take at that time.

Senator Sue Wilson Beffort
District: 19
County: Bernalillo, Sand, SF & Torrance
Capitol Phone: (505) 986-4395

State Sen. Seeks Tougher Laws For Pit Bull Owner
October 24, 2011

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A New Mexico senator is pushing for harsher penalties for pit bull owners.

State Sen. Sue Wilson Beffort wants to hold owners of pit bull mixes accountable if their dog harms or kills someone. The push comes days after felony charges were filed against the owners of several pit bulls that were implicated in the fatal mauling of a Truth Or Consequences woman.

“We feel that the mixed breed pit bulls are a very, very dangerous dog and potentially easily provoked,” Beffort said.

The proposed bill would force mixed breed pit bull owners to register their pet as a dangerous dog. It would also eliminate proof that a dog was provoked, so charges could be filed faster.

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5 responses to “New Mexico Senator wants harsher law for pit bull owners

  1. Just imagine if the public was as biggoted against FEMALE SENATORS as she is Pit Bulls,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. I’m all for holding the responsible people accountable. I’m accountable for my dogs actions why shouldn’t others be? However, I DO NOT believe that Pit Bulls should be singled out. Pit Bulls are not the only breed to have ever attacked someone/something. Neither my own dog, not the other pitties in my neighborhood have ever attacked anything at all, let alone a human being. When treated well, Pitties are respectable, loving, family oriented dogs. They love children and they love their care-givers. Historically, i believe that Pit Bulls who have done harm to someone have done so becasue they we re in fear, OR were never socialized and had no clue that whom ever they attacked meant them no harm.

  3. Pitbulls and pitbull mixes are no more likely to bite a human than any other breed. Often dogs are labeled as pits or pitbull mixes when they don’t have any pitbull blood. In fact, you can’t be sure of a dog’s breed in many cases without a DNA test. These “breed specific laws” are just discrimination.

  4. This is ridiculous!! I do think owners should be held accountable if their animal attacks, but it shouldn’t matter what breed the dog is. ANY dog can be provoked!

  5. BSL is NEVER the answer. Animals should not be punished for their appearance – and the OWNER needs to be responsible and accountable for their pet’s behavior and actions. Poor owners equal poorly behaved dogs. Spay/Neuter, socialize and train – ALL dog breeds need this. Stop beating up on pit bull types – they do NOT deserve this….it is the OWNER. Please figure this out – pit bulls are dying because of the ignorance of humans.

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