Hayden, CO: APBT advocates needed at council meeting

A resident of Hayden, Colorado is expected to ask the council to consider banning pit bulls at tonight’s council meeting.

Please note, this is NOT an agenda item, and the council is not expected to take any action.

Nevertheless, those in the area are encouraged to attend the meeting that starts at 7:30 p.m. to add their input and factual information regarding the APBT, as well as to counter the false information that will surely be put before the council.

Hayden Town Council to hear pit bull ban request
By Scott Franz

November 2, 2011

Hayden — A Routt County resident on Thursday night will ask the Hayden Town Council to consider banning pit bull terriers from the town.

Carolyn Montieth said her daughter, who lives in Hayden, was bitten last month by a neighbor’s pit bull. Hayden Police Chief

Gordon Booco said officers responded to the incident Oct. 8 and issued the dog’s owner citations for owning two vicious animals that were running at large. Montieth’s daughter did not require medical attention, and the dog’s owner is scheduled to appear Nov. 7 in Hayden Municipal Court to face the complaints.

Montieth said she would like to see the Town Council adopt an ordinance that would ban all pit bulls.

“I’m scared to death of them, mainly because of the publicity they get and what they can do to people,” she said Wednesday. “It’s no secret pit bulls have killed.”

Booco said police each year receive occasional complaints about vicious dogs in town.

“There haven’t been a lot of problems with them in Hayden, but pit bulls are naturally on people’s minds because of the publicity they get,” he said. “We get a couple animal bite calls a year, but nothing out of the ordinary. Most of them are for a dog attacking another dog.”

The Town Council meets at 7:30 p.m. Thursday at Hayden Town Hall with a light agenda. The board is not scheduled to take action on any items.

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One response to “Hayden, CO: APBT advocates needed at council meeting

  1. Owner of the dogs should be the ones that pay the price on the bitting. They need to train the dogs and keep them on leash. All pit bulls are not bad it is the owners who have them are bad. Look at Cesar Milan the dog whisper he has a lot of pit bulls in his pack. It is all in the way people train dogs/ or not. It they do not train the dogs to be good citizens then how do you expect to not have problems. I am sure that you have a leash law so that should be strickly inforced. No dog should be let off lash when out in public like that. If that person can not walk the dog on leash then they need to train the dog to walk the dog on leash. Thanks for your time. Sandy of Colorado

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