Making up for lost time

Bless the Bullys is proud to present two new calendars for 2012. For reasons due mostly to a simple lack of time, we haven’t issued a calendar since 2009, so I’m really excited about 2012. Our calendars have always been popular among Tennessee pit bull owners because they showcase our favorite breed pictured in some of the most beautiful places in our state.

The first calendar is titled “Memories,” and is dedicated to the Bless the Bullys inspiration, Tiffin, who passed away in February. The calendar features photos of Tiffin on our many hikes in Middle Tennessee, as well as a few shots from our home state of Delaware.

The second is simply entitled “Bless the Bullys,” and features our Ambass-a-Bull, Harlan. Again, the background of the photos are beautiful places in Middle Tennessee, as well as the Delaware shore.

Both calendars can be found at our Zazzle store.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed going through my memories in putting the calendars together!


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