Cumberland County, NC wants to limit adoptions of certain breeds

Many thanks to Jan Cooper for keeping me up to date on this situation and gathering accurate information.

The Cumberland County (North Carolina) Animal Control Board met on October 3, 2011 and discussed a proposal to limit the breeds of dogs that would be put up for adoption. The Animal Control Board decided to recommend limiting the adoption of the following breeds:

American Staffordshire Terriers
Pit bulls
Presa Canarios
Any mix of the breeds above

The policy has not been implemented at this time, and it has not been brought before the Board of Commissioners for approval. However, the Animal Control Board will meet again December 5, 2011 at 6 p.m. in the conference room at Animal Control to discuss this matter.

Any subsequent recommendation from this advisory board would need to be sent to the Commissioners’ Policy Committee, and then to the Board of Commissioners for approval.

Anyone with suggestions and viable alternatives for the Board’s consideration to alleviate animal control and irresponsible ownership problems would certainly be appreciated.

The Board can be reached at (910) 321-6852.

County of Cumberland
P.O. Box 1829
Fayetteville, North Carolina 28302-1829
Telephone (910) 321-6852
Fax (910) 223-3357

Mayor Anthony G. Chavonne
433 Hay Street
Fayetteville, NC 28301
Fax: 910-433-1948

Dr. John Lauby
Director of Animal Services
Cumberland County Animal Control
4704 Corporation Drive
Fayetteville, NC 28306
Phone: 910-321-6845
Fax: 910-223-3357

Cumberland County Animal Control wants to limit adoptions of certain dog

By Nancy McCleary
Staff writer

The Cumberland County Animal Control Board is recommending that
authorities limit the adoption of certain dog breeds, officials said.

The idea is only in the talking stages, but it has already created an
uproar among animal advocates, according to Dr. John Lauby, Animal
Control director.

The board is suggesting that county residents be banned from adopting
Rottweilers, American Staffordshire terriers, pit bulls, chow-chows,
Presa Canarios or any mix of those breeds, Lauby said.

The recommendation must go to the county’s Policy Committee and then to
the Board of Commissioners for final approval, Lauby said.

Each day, Lauby said, Animal Control receives more than 200 calls from
residents complaining about dogs that are running loose, preventing
people from getting in their cars or acting aggressive, Lauby said.

“We have an inordinate number of pit bulls in the county that are
chasing people, chasing dogs, they’re on school grounds and generally
bother people,” he said.

“The reality is that about 80 percent of our calls are related to that
particular breed.”

Since April, Animal Control has taken in nearly 1,300 pit bulls but only
124 have been adopted, Lauby said. The remainder either go to a
breed-specific rescue or are euthanized, he said.

It’s the same problem for other “bully breed” dogs, he said.

The shelter has taken in 180 Rottweilers since April and only 26 have
been adopted. Fifteen of the 96 chow-chows received at the shelter have
been adopted, Lauby said.

Local rescue groups are at their capacity in finding homes, Lauby said,
so most of the dogs have been put down.

Animal advocates maintain that it’s not a particular breed of dog that
presents a danger, but it’s irresponsible owners.

Shelby Townsend, president of Unchain Cumberland County, agreed.

“People should be screened for suitability before being allowed to adopt
any animal,” Townsend said.

/Staff writer Nancy McCleary can be reached at
< > or 486-3568./

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